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Form A United Front Against Fascism

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The control creeps at city hall haven fallen prey to the fascist police--these officials are weak hearted americans afraid of freedom and unable to control the power of repressive and racist police, especially sheriff harveyhog--the permit for this sunday's free rock concert was cancelled after harvey guaranteed that that there would be another riot in AA--the power of a people together struggling to be free is more than the cops can tolerate--the fascist pigs are determined to use violence to suppress the people and destroy our revolutionary culture; just as they went totally out of control when S. University was liberated and LIFE was celebrated instead of business and traffic--the piggys are so crazed that they deem it more important to bring in hundreds of outside goons to riot in the streets of AA & beat citizens without restraint or accountability--more important to have a dozen undercover pinks spy on the people at the sunday free rock concerts--more important to steal over 1/4 MILLION dollars from the people by issuing parking tickets--more important to plot against people who smoke harmless marijuana--more important to place cops in the schools to intimidate freedom and self-determination--all of these things are more important than investigating to the fullest the murder of 6 young girls!! The pigs are out of control--they do not serve the people; they repress the people and don't provide safety in the community. They are more interested in messing with young hip people and poor black people; and telling/making us stay at home, do not assemble or we will beat you, do not break any laws; more interested in confusing the general community as to the "dangers" of free assemblages, revolution, and people power--so that the public will be too upset to focus its attention on real and fundamental problems of the police's inablility to solve the murders--the police feud and compete with each other about information, they don't put top priority in terms of manpower and creativity and protection on this murder investigation; as well as misusing the murder investigation to harass people and pry into their lives. 

The people demand community control of the police--RECALL SHERIFF HARVEY--the people will not be told to stay at home in fear--we will assemble massively to fight fascism! "when all the same people don't do it, and all the good middle class people don't do it, then the Madmen will have to do it, and we will be the part of the total liberation of america or we will be a part of the total destruction of amerika:-eldridge cleaver So all you neutral, scared liberals/radicals/confused better help form a United Front Against Fascism with those people struggling to Survive--ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE! PEACE AND FREEDOM TO THOSE WHO EARN IT!

Skip Taube Minister of Education White Panther Party