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To All Prospective Members Of The White Panthers

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a r e s e n r1 i n t h i s i s s u e o f í: h e n n ■ 1 11 people interes be W hite Fanthe rey. T h i s i s i s especially important b e c a u s has I irst 7 hite Fanther supplement. The Supplement will b . r feature of the U C , and will e x p 1 a i n w h a t the . . . believes n :" w h a i the Community F r o 1 n s o f t h r t y are, and how Fanthers must serve the, desiresofth. pie! In the future i t will be financially irnpossible for the National Hdqts. to mail out these Supplementa to the People for free (over 1500 people are on the mailingliterature list, and contaets ?rowing fantast i cally financial donations, as well as material i spiritual sustenance are urgently needed.) THZ L EfUi NG 1 1 T E p N T H y I ' YOÜ DON'T KNCW, N ! YOU The best waytomakesureyou upplemen. ry time is to get a subscription to th , so you wiil thewhole paper everytwo weeks. . n ■ ar sub. . issues) c o s t s $ 3 . 0 0 (Men in service o r p e o p 1 _- i n j a i i - F - ) 3 0 7 L . 3tate, nn 'rbor, M i c h . 4C hite Fanthers should subscrib_r. s rnany revolution ary undergroun spapers as che y thcir hanc. s on! If you can not afford th . 0 C , t h e n . ■ u s a i and we will sendyou 100 n youcansellthemoaconsignrnent (i.e.,you seli each paper Lor 25 n: p a y the 15 for e ach p ). he papers wili ailed at oui cos, and w i t h the money you recsive fro j L r i b u t i n g the , you will be able to subscribe to other papers or bu so h o 1 y weed o r s a c :nt. . i h I o n ! The "same holdtrue for the BL NTHER I n2 - L comes out we 1 is the official paper of the E. . .. This paper is crequiredi i n 3 for ALL WHIT . subscription ia .50 for 56 issues... inistr of Information, 3 . , . ., Box 2 9 67, 3ustom House Gan rncisco, Calif. 94126. The people must know what is happening n what to do, because the mass media in Amerika is racist and design to confuse the people and serve the interests of the p pitalist ruling cla ss - - MIN DS fiS THE ] N THE ST 7 ! T O T H