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All Power To The People!

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SUMMARY OF PÓLICE CONTROL AMENDMENT i i MUST. BE ESTABLISHED IN THE CITIES AND CüM MUNITIES OF AMERICA TO END FASCISM This amendment to a City charter would give control of the pólice to community elected neighborhood cpuncils so that those whom the pólice should serve will be able :to set pólice: policy and standards of conduct. ou1 The amendment provides for community control of the pólice by ëstablishing pólice departments for the major communities pf any city;' the Black community, the predominately White area, the Mexican American Communitiésetc. etc The departments would be separate and autonomous. They can by mutual agreement use common facïlitfes. Each Department will be administered by fuU time pólice commissions. (Not single pólice chiefs.) The Commissioners are sêlected by a r Weighfeorhood Pólice Control Councilcomposedpf fifteen members f rom that community elected by those who live ther'e. Each department shallhave f ive Community Coun; cil divisions within it. (Or nujnberofdepartmentsratioed topopulation.) ' ltio' The Councüs shall have the power todiscLplineofiicefs for breaches of Department policy or violations of law. 1 (AgaittstálLnpeo?le). They may direct their pólice see nbmissioner to mslce changes in department wide pólice policy by niajortty vóte of the ?aid departmtïiit -olc siajqners. The ;Council can recall the Commigsvoner appointed by it at any time it finds thar he is no longer Lirëspöïis:Tvr3t61fhë eoMmïinicy rEh commiinitycaniregeH use the qouncil meiibers when they are not responsive ro it. All policè offtcrs1 must live in the d3partmentnth work in, and willbe hircprdin-ly. ordinance WITHOUT COMMUNITY CONTROL, FASei&TfPiGSMLL CQNWNUÈn i 5' CW%uiïkMUCkT B1UGS i .nd havina; o;ood time. Th "■' ''i '"j.11 cuminue. uniess tney want tn . RECALL HAKVËY .LL PO iEH TO TfiE PEOPLE S REVOLUTI ON. ÏRL CULTU WRITE TO: RECA LL, BOX 593, ANN ARBOR, MICH. CONTRIBUTIONS NEEDED! HELP NEEDED!