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Our life, which is ours to do with as we want


a life which is beautiful

we won't cast you aside

because of the way you are

just open your heads

listen to what's goin down

we call pig

a word of description

if it doesn't fit

don't answer

call us fools-trash-hippies

fuck this word hippy

you're the hippy-honke

besides a pig is an animal

and only an animal can destroy

beat men, woman, and children

protect the rich

instead of the real


we are a young country

most are young

these names are cast upon us

not as brothers and sisters,


we'll give you a chance

we have love

we have pity

can you love and have pity for us

or must you ruin one of our only joys

if you can do this

you are the fools the trash

you are then the younger child

for children are easily mislead

you must ruin twelve lives now

and more in the future

because you really don't know how to live

instead of listening

and letting a brother or sister

show you how,

condemn us motherfucker

society can't accept this

because they are used to one thing

old fashioned--honke shit

we have lived a thousand lives in your life


in one day of ours

we know your pains,

free yourselves before it's too late

change with the times

change with our revolution


we are not a minority group

this is all over the world

no, we're not trying to brainwash

just open heads

then decide

don't be afraid to


Sunnygood Street

my home-my life-my world

though my clothes are not always clean

and our hair is long

our eyes still see what foolish eyes

may never see


we are human

like humans

we have human feelings

we have human senses

why must you people

(if that's what you call yourselves)

tear apart has brought

so much happiness


 why are so many people lost

people suffer because of lack of


rather than to listen, cast aside

this is what they call life

our free country


don't smoke grass and get caught

they'll put you away

call you insane

what's the matter with you trying to live

your own life?

Fuckers walk in and take you out,

what da ya mean they can't walk in?

a warrant?

what's that?

never had one when they took one

of my brothers.


how can honks condemn and ruin

a whole life

just because they're down on the way

we live

jealous motherfuckers

we are all children of the earth


we live the way the earth guides us

that's the way it was

what it was intended to be

we are controlled only by our minds

the earth takes hold of our minds

that's natural


we are the rulers of the earth

which carries our minds

and controllers of our emotions

the life we lead is true

love of life

love all brothers and sisters

this is the way to where it's at

life in it's purest form

communal living



Selfish motherfuckers, ruin our world

build your capitalistic world

only to have it torn down

revolution is here

it will always be

fuck you honke


your world is just a world

not a life

some say they are happy

they don't know the finer way

they would be happier,

we are all brothers and sisters

let us all love and live together

help us win our demand


(poem continued)

if we are all together and we all love

it Will work


considered filthy

an eyesore to the public


fuck the public --

has more love and high energy


more than any straight mans house,

this home is a place of beauty and joy

to those who live in it

a place where any man's welcome to live freely

this is Sunnygoode Street


pigs push off the streets

onto houses

or else jo to jail

if they take away the house

does this mean we 2 to jail

well, you can ruin our houses

but you can never ruin us

we are united and we always will

push us and we will push back --


leave Sunnygoode Street for the people


don't push us out in the road.