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Sunnygoode Street is a commune-a do-en or more young people forccd out of their condemned house on Soutli University becaose the tendlord refv.sed to fix it aud chc city is eag ese poor people out of Ann Arbor; Liiten to them-theii poems tlicir lif itn them and all oppiessed people. The welfare of the people is not solved with evictions, harassment, disrepect and urban renewal. ;t is the government's responsibility te provide decent housing, medical care, transportaron, fe es, education for ALL THE PEOPLE, N0W1 FREE! Mot to do so viJl rebcllion- and as revoluti we wiil ilústrate by example the correct strategy for waging the stnislc for People Pcwcr. PAPERRAGPAPERRADIOPAPERRADICPA DICPAPÉRPJÜ5iOPAPER?vADïOPAPERRACiCPAPERRA FLASH- John Sinclair, f 'bister of Information of ihe White Panther Party, h;:d his possession of marijuana trial declarcd a mistrial when the pig r.arco-agent fouffedyp his teetímoiiy vihlfe briwrühfft'questiohing by revolv iionary lawyer Justin RavitS:. A major victory has been won by the people-i sing dope bists to enact cultural repression has 'frt ia the face of the pigs. Marijuana is titily a sacrament- be righteous and boid as we get higher and higher. "il! not be fuckéd wiih! FLASH- Put an end to F.oinkie restaurants- Patronize the Vhktle Ctop ad the Alternative plus music on weel:erds. CZCUE FOLKOSPFERE! FLASH- The White Panther Party desperately needs a r.ew mimeograph machine-the old one is dying. Libérate the technclogy. FL r eet I'ead-Start reeds tricycles ;.nd toys for all the young children. Dring stuff to Trans-Love, 1510 I. Kids are only newcr people! KiásPower. -Revolutionary i cdia Conference- ann Jury 10-13. Contact Ken Keiley of Argus (above Stanger's on I 'ortn University.). -URGENT- all the original "e-cali Sheriff Karvey petitior.s shoulü be returned-a new petition is being , h -vil! appeal to tle broad inásses oí people and further exposé '-'arvey as r.n arrogant, brutal fooi! Dte-sign the recall . to serve on jures so our neers have a trial by brothers and sisters. -This revolutionary conference fer a united frort against acism is called by the Tlacl Panther Party. freedom of al! political prisö :eic and politica] freedom for alll proletarian type organizations, the freedom work of all students, farmer peasants, wcr' ers and the Llimpen must be developed into a national forcé; a front which has a common revolutionary ideolpgy and political program which answers the basic desires and noeus of all people in fascist, capitalj tic, merica. "n C California, July 18, 19, 20, v.r.ú 2 1 st representatives :round the cou ities of all organizations represeaiijig the people, som 5,G00 or more repi .sor.atives will develop a united front against rocism. I-Ieadwuarters nther Party Office, 3106 SKattuc! - eley, California, 845-0103 or 845-0104. Power to the People Panther Tower to the Vanguard