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UFS (7-22-69, Detroit) 'ith the possibility of t-enty years inprisionment facing him, John sinolair, Finister o . jationfhite Panther Party and hls? attorneysbegan their defense in the retrial cf Brother John's zhird dope oase. I 3nth, of the . acorder's Gourt -nch in Detroit declared Lal af1 judicial remarles x-rere i:iven by the chiaf prosecution "itness, ■ patrolman Vahan "Loui PIGan. 1 Or "possesion of marijuana, -third offense", Lso challenglng the constitutionality of marij -,. challenge ie based on the "cruel andor unusual puil : for i -ion of the benevolent eed and the fact that: ."Jinni" s anjntays. ack in the thirties irhen marijuana tras classli governaent as a narcotic, scare tactics ïvon to the unsuspecting lerican publlo thrci babllshment nes media, creating a demand for the prohitltion of ss vrhich folloted. ) one can reall ; John's trial can last or -ihat tho outoome will be. All vre knoK is that the Detroit pig structure, the local facist f orce, is out to get him but hls excellent team of revolutionary lawyers, :, Coc . c are out to save him (and you too, brother) Dig it, You're sitting at taht very same table, 1 , courtroombecause your freedo:n Is , ooo. Running out to the beach in the early morning Trith a lid bou1 ; oin on in Detroit or anyifhere in the v. ! teduling a heart transplant for yourself and golng to s ronary diseases instead. 3et a carload of you to Recorder ?s Jest Court at 9:00 am and leaxn. '■ on. ;e are next. re can 't get fucked when our turn cornos up. -1 iport John. He is our BROTH real.Ly L PO' !] [J (7-22-69) YATROl ; lLÜTE ro 2.00-T 08 GO TO JOH ' " ,3 IN j INGLfi FSnJ :,- - - '7eatured at the benefi ] raovies, e people's trial ar h high energy .jams by tl .j, , ïlues and and hopefully the long avraited retí ?. sturning to the scrutinatir public eye af ter gettlng o .3 contactad f ron a bizarre Soenta exerlence wlth th trial for conspi and concpSracy to rape the Spirit of :jetroit" will the scuj cc vrho befriend then busted3 Ünclai: , arren 5trir and Joe ■ on. Key X narc tics squad por cy. p wno rea'Llv does knoTi about Jud rill bc [Cenr rel. People's prosecutor will be Chuck Ravitz, J in tbc m Justice that the pi,s are currently raOr ! order 's Court If the past benefits are any irdication Of this one it Promises to be r the O nd LSD, benefits of earlier this year. Cosmic to be in the air at the Grande afe th S. If y ou don't have the . bicket taker, jn;ive at you can afford, get 6 r'V 3 _ _ _ ----- m Livi it RUDNIK 1 2-7A. .SU ,7 .M.-1A. inistry of In: ion Lt nth ir1 troit