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-7-24-69 DETROIT by Vince Kenneth, Tíhi...

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-7-24-69 DETROIT by Vince Kenneth, Tíhite Panther Tíednesday's benefit at the Grande for John Sinclair 's Defense Pund pulled in 1, 612.90, one of the greatest sighs of support of a revolutionary person by revolutionary people, Rlght now John is on trial for possesion of dope. Offlcially, "The People of Michigan vs. John Sinclair," but v-re know vrho the people really are and we proved it tednesday at the Grande when "The People of Michigan saluted John 'Jinclair." The state's pig power structure wants to do away wlth John and his kind (Huey Newton, Eldridge Cleaver, Abbie Hoffman, etc.) beacause they are a threat to the pig's existance. People like John continuously exposé the PIG for vrhat he really is and every day, more and more people realize that what we've been saying all these doggone years has been true." And it's not just the young ones nnymore. Older people are turning over to our side of the coin, some slowly, others quickly. Parents every day are awakening to the f act that the only reason their children are so dedicated to the revolutlon is that their children are right. They've been running around in a half-assed marmer for so long not caring who really becomes mayor, sheriff, governor or president. These people who have been voting all these years for a pretty face or a family name are just beginning to think about who they've voted for. Vietnam. Starvation. Illiteracy. Rascism. Ghettos. Fasclsm. Johnsons. Rockefellers. Iladdoxes. Rcagans. Cavanaughs. Harveys. Fascism Is coming down faster than most people think. Young people cannot gather in a park to hear music without havlng 100 pigs there'to'see that they don't have too much fun. Blacks cannot hold a.' protest over rascist action of a pólice department without pólice informing them that they are involved in an unlawful assembly and must disperse. Dig the difference, brothers and sisters, that just a couple years of maturing fascism in Amerika can make. During the July 23rd Rebelllon of 1967, in Detroit, the DPD, State Pólice and the National Guard teargassed a rooftop or a building only if a sniper was suspected of being present there. Looters and arsens were no shot at but above. Tfhen captured' they were just put into a paddy wagon and shipped off th ayne County Jail. 7ith the cxception of the Algiers Motel Incident, there were no real cases of pólice brutality except in the cases of pigs who were pissed off at all the extra duty they had to put up with and just wanted to take it out on someone . . . a prlsoner. In the recent Ann Arbor Pig Riot, Tuesday ningt, Inono pigs went running all over the city from South Universlty Street all the way downtown chasing anyone that happened to be on the streets, tossing teargss everywhere they went. Figs arrested anyone they could get their piggie paws on, even grabbing people from their homes. If there was no one committing a crime, then they'd find soraeone, anyone as long as they could fill that ficklng bué, shipping prisoners to the pólice station and dending lt back for more prisoners. The pigs laughed, grunted and oinked as they hustled and dragged people to the bus. A kld with a slingshot, know as "31ingshot# by the pigs, was arrested for "oarrylng a concealed weapon" and "carrylng a deadly weapon, ' then knocked down to the pavement, klcked in the head, rolled over, kickcd all over the back then put in the bus to joln his comrades, including myself. All night he was the of ject of abuse by the pigs who seem insulted that this punk "hippie" would daré carry a weapon of such a lethal nature. Fascism is Itere, and just as Hitler said, in the name of Law and Order, 'ake up Amerika: National Soclalism is rascism is fascism. The U.S. is rapidly becoming a pólice state. Don't be foolcd. The laws cannot be used to our advantage. The pigs keep finding ways to work the laws in their favor. If a law is found to be unconstitutional, the pig rewords it. Everything works in their favor. Our job as revolutionary people Is to OFF THE PIG. Fascist government officials must be exposed for vrhat they are NO'f and removed. If we don't act iiO J, it may be too late a few months from now. e will win the f ight against the Oppressor or we will die. "'e won 't die because we will win the f Ight against the Oppressor. POWER TO THE PEOPLE OFF THE PIG NOTE: Thanks to Russ Gibb, MC5, Tate Blues Band, the Sun, 7ABX and all helped make "THE PEOPLE OF KICHIGAN 3ALUTE JOHN SINCLAIR" posslble. GET DO'FN