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When Will The Blues Leave?

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when will the blues leave?

when I get out of this place. I mean the blues here are of such depth there's no color to them, not the blue of the sky these spring days walking to the barracks where they turn the lights out on us 10 o'clock every night - that sky is so pretty it's not the blue I know or speak of here - these blues

not like Ornette's either, no joy to the song, but like his "Sadness" played & replayed 24 hours a day / until the thought of the sound itself wears down the mind. Letters from my wife "Haven't slept in 2 days so much work to do no time to do it" - I'm sure to get my 8 hours every night, dreaming of everything I used to know & all my people in those dreams

When the blues will leave is when I'm back home again, home in bed with my baby beside me, & not all these funky convicts working on my mind. Where Ornette & Trane & Charles & all the music of my life are there to feel every minute of every breathing day. (I mean the point of the song is that the blues will leave

That's why I sing it


FROM CORRECTIONS: a book of law

Written From Detroit House of Corrections - 1966