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White Panther Party 10-point Program

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1. We want freedom. We want the power for all people to determine our own destinies. 

2. We want justice. We want an immediate and total end to all cultural and political repression of the people by the vicious pig power structure and their mad dog lackies the police, courts and military. We want the end of all police and military violence against the people all over the world right now!

3. We want a free world economy based on the free exchange of energy and materials and the end of money.

4. We want free access to all information media and to all technology for all the people.

5. We want a free educational system, utilizing the best procedures and machinery our modern technology can produce, that will teach each man, woman and child on earth exactly what each needs to know to survive and grow into his or her full human potential.

6. We want to free all structures from corporate rule and turn the buildings over to the people at once!

7. We want free time and space for all humans - dissolve all unnatural boundaries!

8. We want the freedom of all prisoners held in federal, state, county or city jails and prisons since the so-called legal system in Amerika makes it impossible for any man to obtain a fair and impartial trial by a jury of his peers.

9. We want the freedom of all people who are held against their will in the conscripted armies of the oppressors throughout the world.

10. We want free land, free food, free shelter, free clothing, free music, free medical care, free education, free media, EVERYTHING FREE FOR EVERYBODY!

"We believe that the only solution to the problems of the people of earth now is through the establishment of a free economy throughout the world in which the only consideration is the needs of all the people all the time, and that any social system which does not provide for the needs of all the people must be abolished and replaced by a free social order."

John Sinclair, Minister of Information