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Congolian Maulers

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mí lous that the p m his town are uslng every posslble ffieans to divide us, harass us, Í?fS íL ïhey C001 S' University 5fiï?ï Slri rlot zombies, and flood Rector Park wlth nares and cameras, then we will remain divided and easy to piek off one by one wlth ralse arrests and trumped up court cases. p ínio.??írOl"addlcts llke Proeecutor (Pig) Shea are collectlng gobs of oogus Information on every feak Ín Ann Arbor. He knows that ollectively we are dangerous to the preseevation of Honkle Culture But he thinka that hls computer-Ized aproaoh to character defamaln a5d his illegal preperations for a federal grand Jury probé into drugs m Ann Arbor will allow nim to separate the people and Ulffttóe their energles. bwndefe?Sf aalngt all thls pullshlt must be to form a tlghter knit comtnunlty. You can teil by the honks reaction to the last West Park concert how powerful a forcé communlty conscienceness Is. It educates people and makes it harder for plgs to bust individuals. The ptffs were truly af raid of us that day, because we had pooled all our energies together and had all the oeople behind us. The mpre we communicate and relate o each ;other the more we gain the strength to overeóme the festering fascism in Ann Arbor. Every Wed. night (10:oo)at tfte (1520 Hlll) a community meeting .takes place. It is open discussion of community needs and a collecting jground of all avallable Information on recent pig tactlcs. These meetings are a killer f orce In getting people together so that theymay deal effect lvely wlth community needs. :. Also on Mon. (9:00) at the Up huse , Polltlcal Educatlon meetings are held. the wrltlngs of many great revolutlonarles are dlscussed and reapplled to the sltuatlons in our ovm community.