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Oinx On Schedule Op The Up-coming People People Pig

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If you arrlve on the corner of Huron and Pourth St, between 8:00 and 9 30, your eyes will f east to a f ast movlng match of Tuesday night PEOPLE PEOPLE PIG. Th first match, two Tuesdays ago, was an overwelming blow to the mechanlzed plggies. The crazed leafletters hlpped hundreds to the nature of Hog Harvey in a chase f rom Recall Headquarters, 203 E. Ann, to the Whistle Stop Resta rnt. There, Joined by other crazed brothers, leaflets were ratloned, and ever y nearby street was educated. Last Tuesday"s match was truly a heart thinnper as the devious plggies shifted from the last weeks "flatfoot P" squard to an inovated "rabush Uw team of young Detectives, ├╝nprepared, and playing our old stoned "leef let-run-leaf let", three of the four educators got caught tiro blocks from the station and were searched, released, and lnformed that pronecutlcn was pending further lnvestlgatlcn. I guoss they mean Inter-Street Hlot Aots or somethlng. sunnygoode st.