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3 Inch Tall Runaway Sought By Police

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Fout brothers and sisters, living at Arbor Forest Apartments, on S. Forest, watched as the Ann Arbor pólice demanded entry Int o apt. 209. Making up a falry tale about a runaway boy, they left no possibillty untouched. Evidently the suspect is quite small as they, 2males and 1 woman, even looked in ashtrays, pants pocket s, and the rerrlgerator. As usual there was no search warrant. There seldom is. And lf there were It seldom matters in court. This newest tale about"You are suspected of harborlng a runaway" added to "That looks llke a stolen blcycle to me," exemplifies the pólice functionintlmidatlon, harás sment, phony arrest, fake testimonial in oourt, and perpetuation of our ílastio, polluted earthly scaroapitalism.