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No Bare Feet

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P.J.'s Restaurant is owned by Peter and Jane. Peter and Jane's is a safe place to be when the street people are ever liberating the street. Peter and Jane's Is a plaoe to JLook llke a hippie. Itfs a place to wear expensive hippie type olothes and eat expensive honky type foods. Its a place to hlde when some orazed street freak says,"you wrjina ball?" No one in there would say such a thlng. P.J. always has rightous looking waitresses. Tight asses, polnted tlts, flashy eyes. Theres even a John to go mast ur bat e in. If you got enough bread to buy make-up and bras you can probably work there I Overall, P.Js Restaurant functions because young people wlth money buy the "food" and young people in need of money supply the cheap labor. In return one brother needing $25 more to bail out for "assaulting an of f loer," and belng a P.J. dlshwasher found that when the hip community needs aid, when relylng on those lt serves to make rlch-their needs ere lgnored. Peter+Jane couldn't relate to that human need. They hung up on hls city Jall phone cali after he vouched to work off the debt, and went on dealing wlth essentials like hamburgers, wages, no bare feet slgns, and of oourse havlng to find a new dishwasher. The hip Howard Johnson Sunnygoode St.