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Judge Colombo And His Jury

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poem was composed three days before John Sinclair "ound guilty of being in love with freedora. The square headed impossilbe of Law & order, pistols at their pits Are' in wooden chairs Cala bourat ing I s,aw them Sitting in secreate fantasies. Doing their country a favour. Getting rid of an enemy They are waitng for justice to hang him & prove hira evil & get rid of him for good. They smiled at the judge, Who sat in his chair, behind his desk doing a beautiful job sitting there his election plan pxnfile, speaking honest neutrality WAiting to sentence him Twenty years for possession. The jury filed in All american display. One fat sow dressed all in red white & blue Kept her eyes at same level, Judge to def endent She made eyes Painted Lady of death giggled & shook for the judge Cast a glance at me & all the others who came to watch She thought she knew how her pubes were finer & better than ours. She understood that man was our leader & how she would hear the story the details of it all. then convict him, straight to heil. & the negroes & I mean negroes vho lost it all to white shirts & equality, were trying to believe, believe in what was happening Just think, we can send a white boy (more poem pagery) ere dey been sendin us for long time Progrecs & one one black woraan 3he nmiled, 3ho was the only one, who eawthru it all. She aiting for jus tic e to come Como & teke away all the false tits, raburbs & big boys. ■ For I (9) to be sent ene ed to death. I sat there & saw all this night thcnf I beeame a revolutionary. triple aires