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When the Oppressor rnkes a vicious att;uek against freedom fighters becausc of the way that sueh freedom fighters choose to go about their liberation, then we know we are moving in the direction of our liberación. Huey P. Newton- F?.ash-Needed desperately donations for John Sinclair Defense fund White panther Party National Hdqts. 1510 Hill St. Ann Arbor. Plash-street people start up Sun in an effort to get the whole comraunity to come together. Want to help? Contact the Congolian Maulera phone 761-Ö314 Flash-Nancy Cristy and Daisy were busted in r:onroe,Friday for possession of LSD and some harmless tokes. Flash-Pun Plamondon Minister of Dofense goes to honky racist courts of Traverse City on Sept. 2 for sales of soiae harmless weed.. Flash-Farout brother .John King sentenoed to 3-10 years for some weed. Off the Pigs. Flash-Sheva Jerry ïoun::ine new killer revolutionary guerilla group blew tho Canterbury house into the osone-so in tribute we dedicate the Sun o the Qod of Destuction. Flash-People rapping about Libe-ation School for kids. public schools suck. We '11 start our own. Contact Barb of Congolian Maulers 76I-8314 Flash-As the facist campaign of terror continúes to escálate against the people revolutionary culture, so does the fire of the peoples will burn ever angrier. And it is in this spirit that the people of sunnygoode commune and Congolian Maulers commune now com together, gathering oor two tribes into a DANOSR0ÜS OROANIZED FORCE, even as our brothers and sisters are coning together everywhere. We of sunnygoode must vaca te our present house and the Congolian Mauler is ven now to email to serve our needs. We appeal to the people ior help in our search for a bigger house. If you have any ini'ormation concerning houses for rent or sale of at least 5-3 bedrooms oóntact the Condolían Maulers 812 Kingsley 761-8314. Flash-Political avaation meetings Mon. nights and community meetings Wed. nights both at 900 p.m.tboth at the Up house 1520 Hill St.