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={f frgL -NCTSrArEïQF THE ÖTflgffTö) I CTell its good to be back uncler the SUN again, chis issue is a little late in coming but wTwiU6 h6re " ÍS and WS hPe WL Can kCeP lt gOing) and With the helP Of the PePle " Now some of you will notice that some of the pages in this issue are old flyers, poems, and other things that have no particular relevence to this issue, some of the pages are not complete, the reason for this is that we are coming to the last part of the summer do drums, the low point.just before we really start to get our shit together and really get down. The reason for some of these bogus pages that don't seem to mean anythíng is that we don't have any paper, ink or stencils, but even whan we don't have these things Ll Ítm u grScdOWn thC Street' thL WOrld dontt stP Just because we don't put out 'im TÍ vr ' h6lp Peple d6al Wlth What is gin8 dow in the street' the SUN CAN KEEP THE FEOPLZ INFORMED, keep the people educated. We feel that there is alot of important stuff going down around here and the people have to know about it .and we 11 use whatever means we have to to get this information to the people, even if it rneans scrounging around and finding old paper that has been printed on on one side but has tbe other side free, we'll use it. So please bare with us, by next issue we hope to have enough materials to do a killer issue, also we are working on a Plan to get an offset press that will enable us to print many more picture s and to do 10,000 copies easy, so stay with us and help us, we're all in'lS,rther' and W6're UP to our ncks so we have to stick together. comm . T hC.SUppOrt f the PLPle' needs your articles, book reviews, poems, I?" 8l t Tí etteïS' mney' we need it so we can give it back o monev rE t ' O. all the people. If you have paper, ink, stencils money or want to help m any way see Pun or Terry at 1520 Hill st, A2. Fower co the People We Are . People The CUN Staff That means you too!