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This Is The Latest Report From The Front

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Prisoners Of War John Sinclair sentenced to 9lZ to 10 years for posscssing 2 joints of the happy holy weed marijuana, John will bc transfered to maximum security prison at Marquette on 9l6i Big Mike Harman sentenced to 5 years for possession of speed. Jimmy Jones sentenced to lyr 3 mo for probation violation. Larry Belcher sentenced to yrs for giving weed to an undercover punk pig. Audrey Simon convicted of blocking the sidewalk because she was trying to get badge numbers of pigs who had busted into the Whistle Stop to harrass people. The Black Berets are charged with assaulting an officer and other things for simply deiending themselves and their office from the facists tactics of the local pigs. Terry Sheldon busted for wareing a jacket with a 48 star flag on the back of his jacket. Fun Plamondon busted for passing out the White Fanther Farty 10 Foint Program and Statement, also busted for giving a roach to an undercover punk pig, also busted in New Jersey for possession of grass. Genie Plamondon busted in Jersey for possession. i-.ene Sinclair (John's wife) busted in Jersey for possession. x'uzy busted every other night for violation of curfew. -cott Kuntina busted in Jersey for possession. (Still in jail under $1,000 bond) . nd the list goes on and on, this is only the top scrapings of the facists terror that is running around this country, a pig told me once on the streets of Ann Arbor right after the street fighting, "we have a plan for you, it's called .IXTERMINATION, " Support LS ívíARVIN L. ESCH IS COMING TO TOVVN, YIPPIE! Goüd oíd Marv. Marv is our man in Washington, at the Big House, "on the hill". iviarv is a public servent, he will teil the jPres and the legislators what is on our mind and what we want Sooooo, Iets teil Marv what it is we want. What do you want Bill? 'Uh, shit, I don't know, I want f ree food, housing, medical care for everyone. " How 'bout you llalph, what do you want? 'Oh heil, I don't know, I guess I want an end to the war in Viet Nam." How 'bout you Fhilip? "Shit, I guess I just wanna get high and have a good tirne. " What's it with you Cari? "I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna turn all the schools and colleges into crash pads." We all want something, we should want it all 'cause it's all ours. I WANT JOHN SINCLAIR FR.LZD FROM THj; HANDS CF THE HONKIE PIG COPS & CCUKTS AND HIS SAFE PASSAGE BACK TO HIS FZGFLE, I WANT THE FREEDCM CF -L MY PEOPL2.' TT 'S MINE B2CAUSE IT'S THERE! Co Iets, let marv know what the fuck is on our mind. He will be in Ann Arbor on Monday, -ept. 9 at 9 am, he has invited the people to come and talk with him , so Iets turn his rheortic around and go see him, and see what he has to say for himself. Ve want the end of everything old and the start of everything new. We want the world and we want it now! BE THERE; 200 EAST HURHN 9am, Sept 9. POWER TO THE