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You Are What You Eat. Period.

You Are What You Eat. Period. image You Are What You Eat. Period. image
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One drink of water taken into our bodies summons every cell in the organism if not to work directly at least to energize to be awake of an entering substance. The sensitivity and delicate interdependence in and among all living bodies is amazing--but our amazement is expression of distance: the distance of a head taught to float on top of a body. For most other animals their appreciation of their life is contained in (ever give a cat french fries or white bread)?

People have been raping down cardboard food for a long time and lots of people in the community have unified their conscious levels with Zen macrobiotics or other organic diets. But lots more people still eat at the Brown Jug (where fries are served with everything vegetables are rare--canned and "extra"), P.J.'s and all the other plastic restaurants and grocery stores in town. In most circumstances an interesting diet takes a substantial amount of coin (at least at first for staples) and/or transportation and a certain living situation.

Stable material resources are cool for some people but not for all. Gypsies can be as healthy as a community wolves if the "resting" would come together with the "moving". A gathering of bread, transportation, and information would bring good food to all of us for the low prices that are involved in the purchase of large quantities.

A group of people have already collected information on sources for organic grains, fruits, and vegetables, the wholesale prices, etc.--Now we must get together and decide if and how a food co-op would work. Come to Rector Park Sun. Sept. 6 at 3:00. Any information you can find to share is necessary. Especially consider practical methods for making a food co-op work or if you don't think "it" will tell the people why.

Any material you would like to have printed concerning food, bodies, ecology--bring to the General Store 211 S. State (in the basement) or drop in the SUN box at Trans Love 1520 Hill.

Some really far out stuff is printed in Anachos available free at the store.

Food is your Best Medicine, Zen Macrobiotics, Earth Read-Out, Environment are also there to be shared. If you have copies of Science, Scientific American, Natural History, or Whole Earth Catalogue, please pass them around so that lots of people can read them and learn.

Total revolution is a change of mentality not just a change of "power". Evolution will result in the cosmic flow of power among interdependent energy systems.

Do it.

Sept. 6