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Cosmic Sperm & Brown Rice

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are also there to be shared. If you have copy of Sciences, Scientific American, Natural History, or Whole Earth Catalogue, please pass them around so lots of people can read them and learn.
    Total revolution is a change of mentality, not just a change of "power." Evolution will result in the cosmic flow of power among interdependent energy systems.
    Do it Sept. 6



While the murderer(s) of seven área girls roams at large, while brothers struggle to eat and be sheltered, the "Liberal" Ann Arbor city administration continúes to ignore the People's needs. That is to say, people are being fucked with.

Like VietNam, people trying to be free arebeing fucked with. Like Saigon, the Ann Arbor puppet regime is responsive to money interest, i.e. Board of Trustees -Chamber of Commerce, who make decisions for masses of people. They're called the power elite. They decide how and where students' money is invested. Upon graduation, you may work directly in companies they own, or die overseas where your tuition was invested. Far out, huh? They decide that two-cent suckers should cost three cents, that one peach costs nineteen cents, that a single room apartment costs eighty dollars per month, an act of freedom means a street arrest, that South University is strictly a consumer trap, that people's life styles must be playboyed-budwisered-chevroleyed -Michigan Dailied-and inhibited. You're free to masterbate, but don't fuck the universe. Another Christ, another Communist might be born. Save South University trom Cosmic Sperm! 

To insure "peace", to pacify their guilt-based consciousness, they provide an armed force of law abiding men, who are "just doing their jobs, " "Just makthe world safe for Lalse needs, tor I and order --for honky morality." Thai morality says,."If it be our job to secure the vorld market of material wahts,' hen allów speed and smack to run like a wild gue in Ann Arbor. fis the people decay into solfish disharmon - our fibergla cock shall be erect. ejaculating rhètoric' about cornmittees to study the problenn, because of exploitation the' cities are uninhabitable we can move to oth;r lands. We vvill cali them suburbs , - nd when because of expl'oitatioo the suburbs are too polluted we will move away frorn one another again, will cali che Voods. And when the wö'ods, lakes, rivers, suburbs. and cities are all sick with capitalism, we shall all move to individual rooms, wi individual T.V. sets, and watch old movies about folkheroes killing Indians; and ncwfilms about FBI men imprisoning danger.ous street people, Marijuasmokers. And when the eapit.-.üsts who own TV stations over -fantasize each other and c"cn pilfer the last vestige, TV, re shall be a nation wide trade in. Exchange your TV for a synthetic vagina or cock! Have it home delivcred ir. convenient, disposable, pla tic bags. .;n fuck till you're as sterile as the environment you helped cástrate, o Tse-Tung said, "Social practice is the criterion of truth. " Dig it. Loo1: about Ann Arbor. Who owns the land 1 Whó owns the Arboretum? Who owns versity? Who owns the parks ) Supposedly the people do. If that were so, if the people who use that land and who desire that there be' natural, peac Ful, order (like a wild forest) had control of their community pólice," would they hire men with three foot clubs, .38 revolvers, mace, and riot helmets to march up and down their ctreet? W uld they pay them $7.50 per hour? Fuck no. Would they pay narcotic agents to :ome to Gunday rock concerts and take pictures? 7uck no CCSMIC cont. Experience (social practico) tells us fchat the peoplc don't own the land. Until this summer, S, University was a place to con-ri. sumt, a place to move from cash register to cash register. When H evolved to a place TC BE , when Freeks said "Juck this -partment with its psychedelic posters, I'rr 2-ng to South U, to smokc dope danc., play music, and be Free with peoplc, " e merchants (Chamber of Comnnerce) and the U of M which trains people to fill these slots said, "This constituios a lawless situation, a violation of Honky morality." There is no profit. They inake their own c lothes or wear old ones. They stand around smiling and embracing . each other. Next they '11 be talking about food co-ops and things." Dangerous. Very Jangerous, The solution? The oppressor pays a substantial portion of money needed for police, "just doing their job," to make important arrests, like blocking the sidewalk, or wearing a 48 star Amerikan flag. A killer roams loose and the pólice say they can only afford to hire so many men. But 3 blocks of Ann Árbor are again a plastic paradise. Contradictions. Contradictions. Huey Newton tells us that when the pig makes vicious attacks on the people that the people are effectively dealing with these contradictions. Ann ".rbor street people say, "Dig it Honkk . know the ■ merikan ruse, the Amerikan law. There is no law. None. There's you with guns, clubs, and the courts, and us with a crazed, killer, dynamite love for frcedom. It's our Cosmic Spirit versus you're death uit. i-oisoned Brown Jug food vs. brown rice. Fucking over people vs. brothers and sisters freely fucking. Free enterprise vs. Free Everything. The Earth belongs to the people, not the Vashtenaw Construction Company. FREE JOHN FREE LOVE FREE THE EARTH Sunnygoode Street