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Cleaver's Coming Home

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Two members of the central committee of the Black Panther Party were recently in town. Masai, national minister of education, and Emory, national minister of culture, were on their way back to the coast. They were returning from Algeria where they had seen exiled Panther minister of Information, Eldridge Cleaver.  They said Eldridge is comin' back home, either legally or illegally. They also said that Eldridge wanted to do some stuff in Chicago, because of the fine work of the Illinois Chapter of the Party, and the extent of pig harassment here, such as the recent attack on the Panther office. Revolutionary brothers and sisters re in America, black and white, welcome Eldridge back, and will do whattver necessary to make it happen. He is one of the most important revolutionary figures in the country, becoming a revolutionary after 8 years in the slam for rape and dope smoking. He had to split the country when California authorities revoked his parole because he became an important political figure. But Eldridge is gonna come back home. Right on!

For those brothers and sisters out there who want to know more about him, they should check out either of his two books: Soul on Ice, or Writings Since Soul on Ice. They're fine. Like this, from Soul on Ice:

'Black and white, the young rebels are free people, free in a way that Americans have never been beore. . .And they are outraged. There is in America today a generation of white youth that is truly worthy of a black mans' respect, and this is a rare event in the foul annals of American history. '

--from Chicago's Rising Up Angry