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il it's good to be back v Kis issue is a...

il it's good to be back v Kis issue is a... image
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il it's good to be back v Kis issue is a little late in coming but none the less here it is and 1 ;ng) and with the help o{ the people we will. Now some of you will noticc ome of th s in this issue are old flyers, poems, and other things that have no pa, ence to this issue, some of the pages are not complete, the reason tor coming to the last part of the summer doldrums, the low point, just before tart to get our shit together and reálly get down. The reason for some of hat don 't seem to mean anythíng is that we don 't have any pap en when we don,t h&ve these thingg the shit atül goes down in str o't stop just because we don 't put out the SUN, but the SUÏtran heBfcöajenk&hat is going down in the street, the SUN GAN KEEP THEOPIi.. jjKglL people educated. We feel that there is alot of important hff goi cjjpSUWl hfcend the peoplè1 have to know about it .and we'll use whatever rgcans wefcag tojo gS tï& ftforrnation to the people, even if it means scrounging around anöindfcwifyagr thal ÍXen printenons-Tde but has tbe other side free, we',3iusc il+M Q. st -5 && So please bare wiüis, by g::, wiffiopc thave enough'mtXils tö do a killer issue, also we are viking c,iiog,#ffeet press that wdJTnable us to print many more pictures Ad to dol OpiT? t4Íy, JUBETá help us, we're all m this together, and we're uurcks in ft soPK7ck toiKer The SUN needs the portÖfV people, it. neeuT aWQooktPviews, poems, comments, threatenig letter Jf n5 lówe.íggy, -veed itCwe Sn give it back to che people who it rightfully beions tqfell thÉfyou haíTpape ink, stencils money or want to heín anyjgr-uu oJJiTai J520 Hill AQ A Poweio thePeople 2 .y hcCJM T&Smeans you tooi