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This Is The Latest Report From The Front

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Prisoners Of War

John Sinclair sentenced to 9 1/2 to 10 years for possessing 2 joints of the happy holy weed marijuana, John will be transferred to maximum security prison at Marquette on 9/16.

Big Mike Harman sentenced to 5 years for possession of speed.

Jimmy Jones sentenced to 1yr 3 mo for probation violation.

Larry Belcher sentenced to 20 - 3 - yrs for giving weed to an undercover punk pig.

Audrey Simon convicted of blocking the sidewalk because she was trying to get badge numbers of pigs who has busted into the Whistle Stop to harass people.

The Black Berets are charged with assaulting an officer and other things for simply defending themselves and their office from the fascist tactics of the local pigs.

Terry Sheldon buster for wearing a jacket with a 48 star flag on the back of his jacket.

Pun Plamondon busted for passing out the White Panther Party 10 Point Program and Statement, also busted for giving a roach to an undercover punk pig, also busted in New Jersey for possession of grass.

Genie Plamondon busted in Jersey for possession.

Lene Sinclair (John's wife) busted in Jersey for possession.  (Still in jail under $1,000 bond)

And the list goes on and on, this is only the top scrapings of the fascists terror that is running around this country, a pig told me once on the streets of Ann Arbor right after the street fighting, "we have a plan for you, it's called EXTERMINATION."  Support LSD.