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This Is The Latest Report From The Front

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- ■ - '-'■' ■■ Hk . ': A ', j, . . . John Sinclair s en f. ■--! ..M , . . fif ,. . a.ijuana. % , "■ 2 JOfin" the haPPV Y -cd ■ : L ' ■ecuriLy pri.son at Marqut-.' ' :■ on 91 { Big Mike Harman sentcnccMÉLñ W ; I HL" )JKn rry Belcher sentenced ;.. -.- ■fcohür J%- -B ■JWM Kltr '"' ■undercover punk pig, , tsla,v Ra . An" Aw White Panther leader John A. tenced to 9, to ie yer in Scnthern Mirhigai black BersteofnitR,, TbüaitaelK-aBl,aWrcgMr simply defendin tKensfMiMjlViflmiMVAfaMcticB of the local pigs. BY ry Sheldon busted for wareing a jacket with a 48 star flag on the back oL his jacket. JOHN SINCLAIR (PDaÜItTiLiIëLonFi6NoËI-fsirlg 6ut the White FantHer Party 10 Foint Program and StateWHITE fA'TïJlfgf Ê6'ÖFÖlAlr Punk Pg also busted in New Jersey tor possessior. ss, PÓÏN Eenden fpfs y pRQGRAM . __ .' WiflMlliPVftjrtttW OF AcLVIiSOÏf-HELD IN FEDERAL STATE, COUNTY OR CITY JAILS AND PR IS ONS -S IN C E THE SO CALÉb-LGAeLy SSW# hf A'ïflA 'MAKES II IMPOSSIBLE FOR ANY MAN TO. OBTAIN A FAIR AND 1MPART1AL TRIAL BY A JURY bT'm&Zte&áY for Possession. (Still in jail undír U, 000 bond) THIS-yÖM1 fAüödÖRL!lYA;WA% tkPPEmPFk&titW&MPURW RiLSJJillT_Cjrf hive a P-S" íor ÖTb'BER 10 'iWííTlON.11 Support LSD.'