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Come Upon It...

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Come upon the city

With it's streets of rubble and decay

Come upon it's winding country roads--

concentrate over with ruts and potholes.

Still small town roads

With leaning, toppled buildings

Piled with people alongside


and junk

Stare out and are stared at in return

by cops-

Staring. Who ride abruptly by

Unaware, incurious, except to ridicule.

Mindless lost people

Selling alcohol distilled blood

To further their distillation.

Demeaned crying people

Putting all their energies in one bag

for just one more

& no, not chance-

for that hope is long gone?

Just one more big kick

Before that to goes.

Come upon it

Come upon the city

With it's streets of corpses, hyped robots,

Walking around their dying brothers

So as not to contaminate themselves.

Past abandoned cars

Too depleted by the greedy horde

to even pollute the filthy air.

By the merchants and owners of our flesh

Owened oweners of a decaying dawn

Come upon it

And ask-

How did we so fuck up?


Kay Shannon