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Brothers & Sisters

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Brothers & Sisters:

Thomas Jefferson said in 1787, "A little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing..."  Reality now seems to put it otherwise, "A lot of rebellion all the time is necessary and great."

More than ever, people are conscious of their role in and responsibility towards history.  History is nothing but the march forward of people being conscious of their role and strength.

History means revolution.  Revolution makes history.

The WHITE PANTHER PARTY and the YOUTH INTERNATIONAL PARTY belong to the category of those forces conscious of their role and strength, forces created by the need of history and required by several aspects of life in the future.

Since the WHITE PANTHER PARTY and the YOUTH INTERNATIONAL PARTY were made to bring about a radical change in Amerika and pursue revolution, they are part and parcel of the revolutionary movement in the world today.

Among all things, revolution is the greatest, the loftiest.

Revolution is pride, sublimity, dignity, and grandeur.  Simply because revolution is the cause and piration of the people.

I am sure that the WHITE PANTHER PARTY and the YOUTH INTERNATIONAL PARTY, once well-organized, having correct strategy and clearsighted tactics, having respect for and close relations with the people, having good revolutionary methods, will become a tremendous strength that contributes to the successful struggle of all peoples against U.S. imperialism.

Right on!  WHITE PANTHER PARTY and YOUTH INTERNATIONAL PARTY.  You are the future.  We are the future.

All Power the the People


Vietnam Peace Committee

Hanoi, Democratic Republic of Vietnam

June 6, 1970