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Pontiac's Speech To The White Man

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Out of the blue sky, out of

the waters, out of the woods, out of the deer,

the beaver the bush the bird flies, out

of my people the blood, out of

so many moons in this place a man

cannot count them, out of

grace with the Great Spirit who

gave us this land, you seek

to push us.


(At night, in my dreams,

already I smell you, I smell

your railroads, your sawmills,

my mother's hair burning in the forest, I

smell these things in my dreams,

I see that Chrysler plant you intend

over the graves of my people.

You cannot fool me! I am the

land you seek, I am the supple

bowing of the branches, I am the leaves,

waving a warning to my young men,

I have the strength

of alt the roots in the forest

under me, the fox and the bear and the hawk and the badger

have given me their skills, all things and creatures

in the forest have given me what is theirs


for I have given them my spirit. I have, since

the Great Spirit first placed us here, I have

trod with respect and care over

this land.


All this! All this! All this!

you will have to push out, you white men, you

weak pale-faced rum drinking cowards, you

who have not been able to manage

your own affairs in your own land, you

who come now to desecrate mine. Ahhh, this


is your last chance, you bastards,

get the fuck out NOW,


or forever be food for the wrath of the forest people


(I know,

in my dreams, I know your perverse

power, your guns and your

driven multitudes of paid and punished

warriors, and I know, in my dreams,

against you my branches may break,

my leaves may be burned, my fur

singed and bleeding in the bitter cold

of your ways, and my heart bleeds, my roots

squirm and heave with these apprehensions,


but I hear, in my dreams I hear

over the clamor of your Fords, over

the cries of your powdery women in

your department stores, over the

shriek of the mutilated forest itself, I hear


another tongue, my tongue

in another's mouth, in my dreams I hear

the triumph of my forest speech

in another time, and it says, it

screams with a vengeance



-David Sinclair

1968, in Detroit, land of the Ottawas and Wyandots


Remove the right thumb of the president

of Dow Chemical Company.

Cauterize wound with zippo lighter


how does it feel, motherfucker?

(eleven times)


Borrow Armadillo from Chicago zoo.

Force president of Dow Chemical

to suck it off. Feed Armadillo an

emetic made of ingredients described at

beginning of rite (blood, dope, credentials).


Remove flag from cauldron & place them on the ground

within a consecrated circle

as drawn below:

Place the voiding armadillo within the circle.

Cover entire surface with


pack all ingredients and implements used

in this ritual into 105 MM shell cases

and send them by certified mail to the United

States secretary of defense. Meivin Laird, a vampire.

-Ed Sanders



I took a walk, the other day

Down the tormented streets of my community.

I saw a tree that grew broken wine bottles

I saw a flower that bloomed empty milk cartons

I heard a bird that sang a funeral hymn

I felt contempt for the signs of Spring-

I saw a pig assault an old grandmother

(Honor thy mother and thy father that thy days

may be long)

I saw a church with a pepsi cola sign

I heard a deacon say, 'I've been saved, sanctified

and filled with the Holy Ghost"

And I wonder why I had never seen him in

a Panther office.

I saw a wino with his head busted open

I took him to the church and told the deacon

to do unto others

The deacon told me I was dirtying the house

of the Lord

I wondered if he was an imposter

We left the deacon and went to the hospital

 A nurse told us to go and get sober

We left the hospital and went to the office

The Black Panther Office-

Where we found Jesus

He was disguised in nigger clothes

 He spoke in the language of the ghetto

 He walked like a war counselor for the Disciples

And he cleansed the wounds of those afflicted

Jesus, the Panther, gave food to the hungry

Jesus, the saviour, gave comfort to the weary

Jesus, the merciful, had mercy on the suffering 


He came again! To bring his message of the world

To set an example of true love for all mankind

To uplift the poor, oppressed masses

He carne with a gun and a shield

He used them for the salvation of mankind

He was betrayed time and time again

He was falsely accused at every opportunity

And yet, HIs people, the lumpen-the field nigger

Never allowed him to be destroyed

They slept at his side, they ate when he ate

When he dropped his gun, They picked it up

They shared his spirit, his will to live

And together they defeated the devil of Humanity.

Afeni Shakur (Panther 21)