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Every day in America the prison population increases as the Government railroads our outlaw friends into jail on marijuana busts. This process of cultural genocide has traditionally avoided public outrage and radical social action because the victims (usually poor and/or Black) of anti-grass laws have always been described and treated as criminals. In reality they are political prisoners (as are most prisoners under this decadent and oppressive capitalist system).

Only now, now that the "criminals" are turning up in the bedrooms and schools of the white middle and upper classes, public and government concern has been voiced in regards to the harsh penalties imposed on the people who smoke marijuana. Spiro and his new aristocracy are hesitant to put their kids away for ten years. Even Harry Anslinger's foul rhetoric no longer has anyone fooled; as various state and federal agencies and committees remove grass from the list of narcotics and make recommendations to reduce the penalties. But these new pig positions are just empty words, designed to pacify the liberal outrage of a more aware public. (Dig that there are over 40 million people who toke up, and they aren't by any means soley freeks!)

The ACTUAL programs developed and implemented by the government and its agencies to deal with drugs (of all sorts) have only one goal: TOTAL CONTROL. Check it out--Operation Intercept (recently replaced with "Operation Cooperation") was a media stunt designed to dupe the public into believing Tricky Dick and his pals had some real concern for the health of this country's youth, while in reality it served as a decoy to draw fire away from this Mafia's dealings in real death drugs like heroin and speed. Ever since our revolutionary culture started to define us as a people, the mass media has distorted our use of consciousness-expanding drugs--marijuana, mescaline, psilocybin, LSD, etc.--and insisted that we were exclusively a drug culture--as if the honkoid culture we came out of was not a drug culture. Shit.

While we use LSD to cleanse the pig inside ourselves and get in tune with the cosmos, our parents and lawmakers consume vast quantities of alcohol to reinforce their piggy lives and increase their separation from each other. We get high and they get drunk. They pass laws against smoking a harmless weed and we go to jail or live underground as outlaws. The problem is always defined by the pig government as a "drug problem" or as the "generation gap" (tell it to Tim Leary or Alan Watts of Allen Ginsberg). But a clear look at the situation lets us know that drugs are only chemical agents: they can be liberating or consciousness-contracting. What we are faced with is a CONTROL PROBLEM.

The alcohol trusts and the amphetamine/tranquilizer producing pill companies make billions of dollars selling poison to people. Consumer-mad Americans believe in the TV when it tells them that a weird assortment of pills will get them through their daily lives. Every community is plagued with liquor stores and bars that are just human gas stations. The internal pollution people subject themselves to is part and parcel of the pollution of the land, air and water--it all leads to an unnatural death. And for those who are too young to drink and whose minds have not been molded to conformity by the time they are in second grade, the system has applied the chemical text of BRAVE NEW WORLD.

Dig--in the suburbs of Detroit (read, and city, USA) it was revealed that hundreds of children in elementary schools were being prescribed a drug called Ridlin to "increase their attention spans". These kids became addicted to this control chemical, but as they got older and their body chemistry changes (both naturally and in-organically) it was necessary for them to satisfy their addiction with narcotics. Addicted by their parents and teachers and doctors are twelve, and without ever having seen or smoked marijuana.

For black kids the schools have taken on the general look of guarded mental institutions. In the past, the school system dealt with black rebels by kicking them out of school and onto the streets. But now the streets are battleground territory that racists cannot allow to fall into the hands of the Black Liberation Army. So, as in South Africa, the colonials are kept in reservations and camps. If the ghetto life, or the draft, or the police/court jail assembly line does not consume enough life-force, the daily dosages of downers such as thorazine and librium and vallium given to young black kids will do the trick. Chemical control of revolutionary energy equals spiritual genocide. When the spirit of Black people has gone wild in the streets, the reactionary forces have spread more reds and downers on the streets than tear-gas.

Check it out--a riot will lose energy is all the brothers and sisters are nodding out after the party. Once again, there is no drug problem, drugs are only chemical agents. For those brothers and sisters fucked up behind bogus drugs, we will have to develop some revolutionary medical practice and patience where the victims of this chemical warfare are helped to get healthy. When the government creates criminals out of the victims of the Plague--Heroin--we must create jailbreaks and revolutionary treatment centers.

The drugs we use in our life culture have created a control problem for the dying order, because we don't have a consumer/slave consciousness. We must now begin to intensify our research and subsequent educational programs so we can expose the whole food industry in the US for sacrificing nutrition and organic quality in food to make more profit.

In America, health is a commodity. The tyranny of plastic consumerism has created the awful condition where over 90% of all food on the general market contains poisons in the form of preservatives, additives, and chemical substitutions for natural chemicals. In the final analysis, we will have to turn to North Korea's Premier Kim II Sung's police of JUCHE--revolutionary self-reliance--in order to remain free to determine our own destinies and develop total alternatives to meet even our basic needs. We must learn new ways of eating, growing organic food, taking care of our collective bodies. As we forever abandon our parent's death culture and the drugs of that culture we must develop a culture based on the liberation of the planet and all its people. When we do this, we can expect the reactionary control addicts to step up their battle plans on the homefront.

From the highest levels of command/control, the policy and programs are being created to eliminate our holy drugs and their advocates and creators, and to increase the spread of death drugs like heroin and speed. This is only new to our blossoming revolutionary culture in our new Nation, but it is a well-developed method of counter-revolution used against the Black colony in America and against the other colonial liberation movements around the world.

THE VAST INCREASE IN HEROIN USE AND THE PERIODIC SCARCITY OF GRASS ARE THE RESULTS OF A CAMPAIGN WAGED JOINTLY BY THE MAFIA, THE CIA, AND FEDERAL, STATE AND LOCAL NARCOTICS AGENCIES. These people are hooked on control, and when things begin to really get out of control they start to flip out and get dangerously paranoid.

During the last Moratorium in Washington, Nix-On wandered dopishly into the crows early Saturday morning and started babbling to the youthful protesters about college football games, spaceshots, and used cars. Those present reported him to have been totally incoherent. Either he was drugged (remember Hitler was the world's first speed freak), or suffering from control withdrawal, or both.

Dig: Operation Intercept is no longer in the headlines, but military operations utilizing helicopters, napalm, high altitude sensing devices and chemical defoliants are carried out against marijuana fields from Mexico to South Africa. Boy Scouts scour the countryside ripping the "killer weed" out by the roots. Perverted dogs sniff out the contraband at major airports. Major portions of all money allocated to handling the "drug problem"--fast becoming America's new-found national crisis--is spent to hire hundreds of slimy narcotics pigs to make full use of the marijuana prohibition to create political repression.

All this while millions of visionary marijuana maniacs plant their seeds everywhere--another direct application of Comrad Kim II Sung.

Other scenes in the control battle are much grimmer. As the rhetoric flows about relaxing the marijuana prohibition, our people are still getting popped and more and more people are getting strung out on heroin and speed. In the past the government has been very reluctant to send its youth to prison for ten years, so the situation existed where thousands of people were ARRESTED for use and/or sale of the weed yet only dozens ever got CONVICTED AND SENTENCED. If the penalties are reduced, the oppressive capabilities of the police and courts will vastly increase, and NOT become more liberal as the public is led to believe. We can expect that if the penalties are reduced to a one-year maximum for marijuana, that of the tens of thousands who will be arrested this year, most of them will face jail. This is why America's concentration camps are being readied. Those camps are built to hold more than the heavies like H. Rap Brown and Pun Plamondon--they will accommodate the victims of the racist genocide being waged against black people and the victims of the cultural genocide being waged against the revolutionary youth culture of our new Nation. But the chomps who are desperately and viciously trying to hold back history know that black people and young people are not about to be willing Jews--they know we will die in the freedom struggle rather than go to the ovens peacefully. It is with this understanding that we have to prepare for a new onslaught of ugly chemical warfare. The Black Nation has already felt the deadly ruin of the Plague--heroin addiction--chemical genocide where the victim pays to be killed slowly.

Dig--The Turkish government, which produces 80% of the world's raw heroin, has offered to sell its annual crop to the United States for a measly $10,000,000. Uncle Dick refuses to buy, knowing much is to be gained financially and politically if this heroin is pumped into the developing revolutionary colonies. Dig--The CIA Cambodian coup put into power one Lol Nol, whose tribe has traditionally been responsible for producing the bulk of Asia's heroin crop. A worthy investment for control addicts like the CIA.

The forces of international capitalism have worked hard to create the image that there is a (moral) difference between "legitimate" corporate enterprises and "illegitimate" or criminal enterprises (Mafia). To the masses of people who have been exploited and murdered for profit there has never been any difference. The only differences existing within the ruling-class are based upon greed and style, but mainly greed. When the federal government moves against the Mafia it is not to protect the health of the common people, but because the Mafia got too greedy to pay off the government in taxes. The image-laden differences between the crime world and the government world become irrelevant because the illicit profits made from narcotics sales are channeled directly into so-called legitimate businesses.

When the CIA executes military coups, exercising power beyond the control of Congress and probably beyond the Presidency and the Pentagon, and it is revealed that the CIA is heavily involved in narcotics smuggling, we must prepare ourselves for a life and death war against people who are addicted to CONTROL. As long as we stay out of control, as long as we resist the Plague, as long as we engage in the revolutionary activity of getting high while turning others on and planting seeds, and as long as we work to eliminate capitalism's most evil source of profits--narcotic addiction--we will ultimately achieve the great satisfaction of seeing these foul control addicts withdraw into their own paranoid little shells and die.

To this end, the White Panther Party hereby issues the following Declaration of a State of War:

ON THE PLANET, this 4th day of July, in the Second year of Zenta, 1970, it is declared that:

A STATE OF WAR EXISTS between the revolutionary people building an alternative culture, and the counter-revolutionary forces represented by death drugs such as smack and speed, those who push it, and those who use it.

THE PEOPLE BUILDING the revolution in the mother country and working to liberate all people on the planet from those ideas which bind them to their oppressors, realize that within our own culture there has emerged drugs which drain the energy and crush the spirit of revolutionary consciousness. The use of these dreg-drugs is totally opposed to the concept behind the mind-expanding sacraments which symbolize and re-enforce our existence--marijuana and psychedelics.

SMACK AND SPEED HAVE NO redeeming characteristics: physical, spiritual, or social. Whereas marijuana and the psychedelics serve to heighten the awareness of the user and bring him/her in closer harmony with the life-giving energy of the universe, smack and speed have exactly the opposite effect. Heroin only destroys awareness, it puts the user in a state of catatonic stupor that is a complete rejection of the concrete realities of all life on the planet. Speed (amphetamines) shatters all unity within the user and society, and divides the individual against him/her self and against all others--it is totally paranoia-inducing.

SMACK AND SPEED, in any form and in whatever amount, cause immeasurable and irreparable damage to the life cells of the human body, and both drugs are addictive. The continued use of smack and/or speed can only result in slow and ugly death. All scientific knowledge and all of our experience as a human species has shown us this--smack and speed represent death and only death.

THROUGHOUT THE HISTORY OF MANKIND drugs such as these have been used by colonial oppressors to divide and weaken the will of subject peoples. Today, the introduction of smack and speed into our communities is in the same way being used to carry out a plan of cultural genocide against the revolutionary elements in American society.

The ruling class of the USA has allowed the sale and use of smack and speed within the youth colony and the black colony in an attempt to undermine out people's natural desire for unity and freedom. The ongoing reality of this drug warfare being carried out on all levels of government in America is made even more evident by the blatant and outright suppression of the biologically harmless and benevolent drugs--marijuana and the psychedelics, drugs which awaken and revive the revolutionary fervor among our people.

WE WILL NOT ALLOW OURSELVES to be oppressed any longer. The existence of smack and speed in our communities is a real and present threat to our survival and healthy growth as a free people. We will not allow our brothers and sisters to be used by death drugs peddled by the lackeys of the colonial powers in America. We will use ANY MEANS NECESSARY to remove totally the poisonous blight of smack and speed from our communities.




-William Burroughs, NAKED LUNCH