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Pun: Yeah, but first of all, what is happening now, I think, in the mother country here, is that we're seeing the unity of culture and politics. I feel that revolutionary politics is an art, and I think that it's one of the highest art forms. There's the saying that there's no such thing as art for art's sake, you dig. And at the same time, I'm saying there's no such thing as revolution for the sake of revolution. I think revolution is an art form, and I think every man, woman and child at this time in history has got a chance to become an artist, you dig? So what we're trying to do is bring together the unity of culture and politics. Break down any separation. Like a lot of people have nothing but contempt and bullshit criticism for any sort of cultural revolutionaries. They want us to cut our hair and go into the factories.

Sundance: Right, Progressive labor.

Pun: But we got a lot of shit to offer the brothers and sisters in the factories, that don't entail us gettin our hair cut, and going into a factory. And I think we can make that available to them without doing that.

Sundance: We have to. Also, like the development we've gone through with the party. Like at first we were just goofin a lot, you know. And it wasn't taken seriously, like people gotta read something in the New York Times before they believe it's real. Somehow the Epitome of pig media saying something is true it gonna make it true. Whereas we're saying, man, that people gotta start believing themselves, gotta start believing their own people, their own media-the people's media, and not have to read it in the New York Times to believe it's real. And that's a lot ingrained in the consciousness, people pickin up on really letting the pigs dictate their consciousness, and how they relate to it. And that's bullshit, if we're dealing with those things on a real level-we gotta pull together, and start learning off each other. And not having to deal with the pig consciousness. Does that make any sense?

Pun: Sure it makes a lot of sense. We have to develop a total alternative to pig culture, and we have to live it right now, totally all the time.

Sundance: Let's talk about terrorism and revolutionary violence.

Pun: Terrorism is an elementary stage. Terrorism is, however, a good way to gauge the intensity, and to gauge the energy level of the people. Cause when you see terrorism going on all over the United States, man, like you see it, the energy level of the people it's a good gauge. The whole thing, see, it's unstoppable now, it's just gone beyond stopping. So I'd like to say to the pacifists, when you pray, don't pray for peace, man. Cause the violence ain't gonna end until the people have complete victory. History shows us that there are two kinds of wars, just wars and unjust wars. The White Panther Party not only supports just wars, but actively participates in them. That's paraphrasing Mao. But it's relevant to what's going down here. The tide turned when the first civilian was shot down in the streets. I would think that would probably be James Rector.

Sundance: The first white civilian.

Pun: Yeah, so the tide turned then. But, we ain't got no repression yet. It's like Eldridge says, after traveling around the Third World he realizes that being oppressed in Amerika is like being squashed between two silk sheets. We ain't got repression yet. But it'll come, and that'll just heighten it more.

Sundance: That's the whole thing about repression just leading to an advance consciousness of revolution. But also you see people talking about repression a lot, and really woofin on repression, really talking on it a lot, and really getting scared shitless, you know. We don't need to be told about it, it's going to happen soon enough, without us saying anything. People still relate to it like a legal thing, where you go to the courts and fight it, you know. Which is far out, but you can't lose sight, that ultimately we're just wastin our time if we ain't dealing with it now. Let theĀ 

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lawyers fight it out in the legal system, but we got other work too, to occupy our time.

Pun: Yeah, the repression conferences and stuff like that are good, though, as media to get some information to some people who wouldn't regularly have it, the liberals, for instance. But they're not what revolution's about, the repression conferences. They're not what the revolution's about. The revolution is about bringing about a political consequence, the revolution is about power, quite simply I guess. Political power. And that come from a couple of things.

It also comes from guns, it comes from dicks, it comes from pussies, it comes from babies. But Bobby Seale has gotta be cut loose.

Sundance: Before you sink back into the belly, Pun, what are the words that you want to leave people with?

Pun: Well this whole interview I've been doing a lot of screamin and hollering about murdering and maiming and offing pigs and stuff. But there's more to revolution than just that. There's a whole thing about serving the people. Analyzing the needs of the people and then moving in a positive way to fulfill those needs. Once of the needs of the people is that Huey Newton, Bobby Seale, John Sinclair, Ahmed Evans, Erika Huggins and all political prisoners be released and returned to the people. That's one of the needs of the people. So most of this tape has been just dealing with that, with answering those needs. But there's a lot of other needs of the people-the people need free medicine, the people need free food, the people need free music, the people need legal self defense funds. The people need a whole lot of things. And these needs can be answered in positive ways. I don't want to make it sound like all you got to do it kill people, kill pigs, to bring about revolution. There's got to be some righteous stomp down grass roots work being done, and it is being done, but it's got to be carried on, at the same time that revolutionary violence is carried on. On all levels, I also want to take this opportunity to say that we have to say those fools in the power structure, and those control addicts that if they don't give it up, we're going to take it from them, just the same way that they took it from our brothers and sisters before us. And we're going to take it from them the same way that they take it from the people of Asia, Africa, and Latin America right now. We're going to rip the world out of their twisted, little lily-white hands, scrape the shit off from it, and turn it back over to the people. And those CIA agents, and FBI agents, and plainclothes pigs and other fools of the power structure don't relate to that. And if they don't understand that then they only got to look about and see the rest of the world in motion. The people all around the world are moving to determine their own destinies, determine their own lives, and we're just as much a part of the movement as any of the other peoples are.

So, in conclusion we got a lot of work to do, we got a lot of building to do, we got to start building national consciousness, we must start national construction, and this isn't as farout, or as far fetched as it sounds. It simply means we must support people's organizations and people's projects, it might be Legal Self-Defense funds, it might be food co-ops, it might be people's bands, people's lawyers, people's radio, people's health clinics, people's doctors, what ever it might be. But it also means that individuals and organizations must step forward and assume their righteous roles as servants of the people.

Now I didn't even waste time talking about the F.B.I., you know. And I ain't up tight about being on the 10 most wanted list. They'd be looking for me coming out the front door and I'd be going out the back. They'd be looking for me on the Boulevard and I'd be in the ally and I think we're going to see the time where they're going to have to expand their 10 most wanted list, it's already expanded to the 11 most wanted list, they are going to have to expand it to the fifteen, and to the fifty, and to the hundred, and to the hundred and seventy-five, and pretty soon they're going to have 40,000 ten most wanted criminals in Babylon.

All Power To The People! Free John Sinclair! Free Bobby Seale! Free All Political Prisoners! and Seize The Time!...and squeeze! And if there is any pity for those pigs in your heart, just pity them to death! Surprise attack! And brothers and sisters, this has been a surprise attack.