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Flash -- The Summer City Project will feed you cheap and good. For a thin quarter you can have fruit, juice and health cereal (familia) under the spacious open-air tent at Forest and Washtenaw. Eat out everyday.

Help Yourself -- After the concert today and at the Ann Arbor Tribal Council meeting Tuesday night, everyone who wants to form a FOOD CONSPIRACY for buying food collectively (cheaply) should get together to put in their meager funds and place an order and we can begin to organize this much needed project. Serve the People.

NOW -- Today, after the concert, there will be a picnic in the ARB at 7:00 PM, bring food for your neighbors.

Flash on this Nova -- SUN/DANCE, the first of its intergalactic collectors item... a veritable rainbow of colors and ideas...from the White Panther Party 25¢ 

Soon -- John Sinclair Week, July 28 to Aug. 2. A four day JUSTICE/FAST in Detroit followed by a Freedom/Feast on Aug. 2 at the Free Concert here in AA with a benefit concert that night at Hill Aud.

Money & Music -- We need your support at the bucket drives conducted at every free concert. In the past people have donated a a few hundred dollars collectively (3,000+ people). This amounts to approx. 10¢ a person. People, you've got to commit yourselves and your resources to the right people... when the bucket comes around, put in more than a dime...go for broke; the money is spent on stays in the youth colony.

Sisters -- Open Womens Liberation meeting Wednesday, 7:30 at St . Andrews Church on N. Division 

More Music -- Monday at the Big Steel Commander Cody and His Lost Planet will play at a benefit for Mark's Coffee House.

Next Sunday -- At Diana Oughton Memorial Park -- Parlaiment with Funkadelic, Third Power and Bedlam Riff.