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life action

SUNDAY 2 AUGUST Big Steel-"Come Together", a play by Jonathon Slade with music by the Floating Opera. 8:00 and 10:00 $1.00

MONDAY City Council Meeting at 7:30

TUESDAY Ann Arbor Tribal Council meeting at the Mary St. Project at 8:00; Swimming-meet on Diag at 1:00.

WEDNESDAY Women's Open House meeting at St. Andrew's church on N. Division-8:00. Canterbury House flick--"The Virgin Spring" 7,9,11:00. 75 cents

volunteers of amerika

The ARM (American Revolutionary Media) newspaper has been on the streets for a few issues now. They need writers, layout and graphics people and sellers. Cali 761-9368.

LEGAL SELF DEFENSE bails people out of pigstys, gives legal advice and provides lawyers. 769-2570.

The Ann Arbor chapter of the White Panther Party will be operating out of the Argus basement for the time being. (708 Arch Street) If anyone knows of an office to rent or share please let us know. Some programs we have started to initiate are:

LIBERATION SCHOOL for kids-all day any day. Anyone interested, please talk to Julie.

POLITICAL EDUCATION classes on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights at 8:00. Next Tuesday's class will deal with racism. Come early for dinner.

FREE WHEELS-our van is available much of the day for drives around the city to take people where they need to go. Drivers needed.