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FREE BOBBY. . . We've all heard it before, but it seems that very few of us have really thought too much about it. Bobby Seale is the national chairman of the Black Panther Party. He is serving a four year sentence for contempt of court in the Conspiracy Trial, he still faces a trial on that case and he faces the electric chair in New Haven for a trumped up murder charge. Bobby is a black revolutionary and the pigs are trying to railroad and murder him. And the only thing that's gonna stop them is the power of the people. . . you and me.

We gotta make the pigs realize that they aren't going to get away with ripping off our sisters and brothers, that there's a price to pay, that they've been ripping us off for hundreds of years. They've been murdering black people for hundreds of years and it's time to put a stop to it! The Man gonna have to pay his dues.

And we start with Bobby. We've been pretty racist in our response to his incredible railroad. Bobby was chained and gagged in Chicago and we sat there. Seven white defendants were jailed and we took to the streets in thousands. It's time we built some of that energy and rage into support for Bobby, it's time to recognize him for what he a leader of the black revolutionary vanguard, and therefore a leader and main force behind the white youth movement. That means he's a very valuable human being to us. . . far too valuable to let the pigs rip him away from us. FREE BOBBY!! FREE ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS NOW!!