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Tribal smoke signals

The Ann Arbor Tribal Council meeting began with Matt Lampe from Drug Help giving us a medical report on heroin. Heroin does not do as much physical damage as speed and a lot o times speed freeks use heroin to get off speed. The people that get heroin around Ann Arbor get low grade heroin because it has been cut so much. They also don't shoot up correctly and use dirty needles. Heroin addiction is mental and physical. In the Ann Arbor area, because of low grade heroin, the occurrence of mental addiction is far greater than physical addiction. The two main solutions were to stop the availability and to educate the people. Eugene Staudenwire reported that Don Borut and himself were looking for places for a cultural center, but hadn't had too much luck.  He also said that the city's attitude toward the project was one of knowing that they had to start doing something about drug abuse.  A committee was formed to do more research on the problem.

The Psychedelic Rangers have made $3,470.00 for the Park Program, which will need only a small part of the money.  The rest will go into community projects.  Now the Big Steel Ballroom will be able to open up under management by a people's ballroom committee.

Plans to organize a food co-op conspiracy were discussed.  One suggestion was to first survey all the area suppliers.  Then publish a price list and at the end of the week compile all of the orders and buy food in quantities.  A committee was formed to organize it.

The next tribal council meeting will be held Tuesday at the Ozone House offices where Marshall Books used to be located.  Things to think about for the next meeting are a transportation co-op and the fall elections and freeing Bobby Seale.