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The Ann Arbor Tribal Couñcil maetino: began wit;i .lat; Lampe from Drug Help giving us a" medical report on heroine. üeroine does not do as muci lysical damago aj speed and a lot o ti"ies speed frael.s use hcroin te get off speed. Tae people that set lieroin around Ann Arbor get low grade heroin because it has been cut so mucn. They also don't shoot up correctly and ;sé dirty needies. Heroin addiction is mental and nhysical. In the Ann Arbor area, because of low grade heroin, the occurancc of nental addiction is far greater than inysical addiction. The two mail] solutions -vors to stop the ayailability and to edúcate fie paople. Huens '■t.-iadenraire roportcJ tftftt Don norut and limself wore lookinu for places for a cultural center, ut nadn't had too nuch luck. ;lc also said that tac city's attitude toward the project was one o knowin that they liad to start doinj somethi np, about dru," abase". A coinmittee was forned to do nore research on the problc-.. The l'sychedelic Rangers have na-Jc 3,470.00 for tie Park Program, which will need only a s.nall part of tic money. The rest of the bread will po into coMmunitv projects. Now the Bijt Steel Ballroom will bo ablo 'to open up under nnnage-nent by a people's bal 1 room conmittee. unas to ornanize a food co-op conspiracy wers tiscusseJ. 'Jne saastion was to n.rst stvoy all the arca u.pUers. T,en ptt.lisi a ;,rico list Wld at t!io ena woel: compila all of Me orJors mul buy fon in quant ïtxes. A conaittcc vas fornct! to orraniz it. The next tribal council noting will be h-slc! TaMvlsy at t:ie )zone üouse officös wuere tnr- ïaH ;ooks useü to ba locatcó. 1'iinRj to tainl; rnT Vf next uectinfï are a transportation coop and t ia f all olocticna and freeing I5o')by Sidle.