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Pig Lies

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pig lies

Fairy Tales in the Free Press and the Ann Arbor News say that White Panthers are helping the pigs with the problem of heroin in our community. This is a bullshit lie and another case of the pigs turning the whole situation around. We are not going to help the pigs stick anybody in a cage. The fact is that the White Panthers are concerned with the problem of heroin in your community and are only making the people aware of it. We do not have the bread to deal with this problem in the right manner that it needed and we do need the support of the city. We feel that community center must be started ai an alternative to deal with the problem and the city has been working with us to deal with the situation. We will not put any pictures of pushers in our paper and the Sun/Dance will have a retraction saying it does not declare war on pushers and users but on the drug. We do believe that heroin is an ape on the back of the people and this ape must be caged.