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28 August – 3 September – PEOPLE'S ARMY JAMBOREE in Portland, Oregon

Sat 29 Aug –  general orientation; form affinity groups, get out legal and medical info, rally, music and theatre.

Sun 30 Aug workshops on the six points (See Argus), education around local pig institutes, music, theatre.

Mon 31 Aug – victory to the Vietnamese celebration and march led by Vets. This is the day of the Legion's Victory in Vietnam parade. Workshops in the morning.

Tues 1 Sept – actions at local pig places coming out of workshops. Free Bobby Seale, Erika Huggins

Wed 2 Sept – workshops actions, clean up.

SUNDAY 30 AUGUST – DETROIT BLUES FESTIVAL – Little Sonny, Mr. Bo, Washboard Willie, Bobo Jenkins, Johnnie Mae Matthews, Eddie Lloyd, Sippie Wallance On the lawn of the Main Library in Detroit City, 8:30 – FREE!

MONDAY 31 AUGUST – City Council Meeting – 7:30.

TuESDAY 1 SEPTEMBER – Tribal Council meeting at the Ozone House – 8:00.

WEDNESDAY 2 SEPTEMBER – Women's Open House at St. Andrew's Church on N. Division Street

5 SEPT – 7 SEPT – REVOLUTIONARY PEOPLE'S PLENARY SESSION – PHILADELPHIA, PA. at Temple University Gymnasium at Broad & Montgomery Street. Check in Fri 4 Sept 12:00 to Sat 5 Sept 4:00. Plenary session starts 5 Sept 7:00. Get registration forms from the Ann Arbor Chapter of the White Panther Party at 708 Arch Street.

26-28 SEPT – LIBERATION III – COME SEE ABOUT THE 3 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A political/cultural response to the Black Panther Milwaukee 3 frameup/trial. They are falsely charged with resisting arrest and attempted murder of a pig. LIBERATION III will happen mainly in the parks on the shores of Lake Michigan. The entire free community of Milwaukee is organizing to provide housing and legal aid, to make food available at minimum cost. COME SEE ABOUT THE 3!