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Pig Agent Carasco

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This man's name is Richard Carasco. He is an agent of the government who poses as a movement person in order to bust people.

Most recently he has been in Oregon and California posing as a member of the White Panther Party. He is NOT and never has been a member of the White Panther Party.

One of his favorite tactics is trying to entice people into "gun deals..., demanding cash for the weapons, and then splitting, whereupon the uniformed pigs enter the scene.

Recently, he has been responsible for people being busted in Portland, Oregon, Riverside, California (NCCF chapter), Longview, Oregon, and Berkeley, California. Just recently, he has been seen hanging around the streets of Berkeley.

Although all the information is not in as of this writing, it seems clear that Carasco, using a different first name, was in New Jersey a while back, and got quite a few people busted there, including an involvement with the Fort Dix 38.

Beware of this dangerous fool. He is desperate, knowing that people's righteous justice will catch up to him, soon. SEIZE THE TIME!