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Sisters and Brothers It looks as if we' 11 be able to buy a house here and not have to worry about landlords and moving. It really has been hard working and always moving at the same time. But we've managed to grow and more and more people here are relating to the White Panther Partry and the idea of a national party. I think this is reflected in the Youth Coalition that has been formed to protect ourselves f rom pig attacks and rip offs. We had our first meeting of the Red Star Sisters here three days ago. Due to the fact that there are only three women that are actual members of the Party here in Berkeley we are thinking along with the working collective of women here in Berkeley that the Red Star Sisters would be defined as women who are willing to work and relate to the politics of the White Panther Party, which includes the poirrt program, the idea of a youth colony and the need for a National Party. So that RED STAR SISTERS will eventually become members of the Party and will at the same time be working collectively to edúcate each other and develop programs that can be adopted by the Party as a whole. This way women who haven't related whole-heartedly to the Party in the past beca use of the male-dominated image it maintained here since the MC-5 came through last year will see other women working within the framework of White Panthers, struggling together without separa tism and aliena tion f rom men, to créate programs designed by their sisters and car ried out by the men andwomen together as White Panthers. We will be holding politica] educa tion classes once a week on Thursdays for Red Star Sisters and women in the community that are interested in finding more out about them. We vvill be putting together classes that will tie together the history ai women nationally and internationally. The Venceremos Brigade and John Sunstrom's Newsreel can provide us with some films and tapes. A week f rom Sunday in Provo Park we are having a gig with the San Francisco Mime Troup and maybe CommanderCody. It hhould be a far out day, just one of many we hcpe to have. We are also working along with the other members of the coalition to adopt our programs from finding crash pads for women who won't necessarily have to ball a dude just to find a place to sleep, to collectively combat the rise in attempted and actual rapes. Many of the rapes are being done by long-haired dudes. We have to edúcate our own people to kill the pig in us all. Here at the house we've been talking to some of the members of the Black Panther Party to learn how they went about establishing liberation schools so that by November we hope to open one in the Telegraph Avenue area. That's about all for now. The next meeting of Red Star Sisters is this Thursday. 111 get off regular reports so you'll know how things develop. All power to the people! Berkeley ('hapter, White Panther Party