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Sisters and Brothers: Enclosed is a flyer printed by us about the boycott we've initiated to humanize the Mount Clemens Burger King. BK presently has a 75-cent minimum and has a standing agreement With the Clinton Township Pigs to bust brothers and sisters for whatever they can nail them with. This was just the beginning and it wil) be continued until the PIG-BURGER clip joint bows to the wíl! of the people or closes from luck of business. We help the people through this aetion and the same time. In' connection with the held a rally at Shadyside Park in Mt. Clemens to bring people together on this issue. A branch of the Mt. Clemens Chapter has been organized in a small town of about 5,000 people, Romeo. One of the first acts executed by the Romeo chapter was to bring people together by preserving the only place left for brothers and sisters to hang out, the Village Park. We formed a Park Committee consisting of MikeMoore Brian Fitzgerald (Romeo WPP), and myself, Robb Smith (Mt. Clemens - Romeo WPP). From there we initiated Ecology Squads to clean the park up each week. We went to the Town Council and obtained more trash containers which we paint in the spirit of this seemingly civic 'lut truly revolutionary action. The park has brought together all sorts of brothers and sisters in a revolutior.ctry unión. We have renamed the park, Romeo People's Park and kids are donating paint for our use as well as other use ful items. This action is beautiful in the way that people are noticing and are now interested not in the myths circulated about the White Panther Party, but the fats, realities behind il This is the first step in gaining the town's people's confidence so that we can establish a new revolutionary spirit in these poeple. We have established within the Ministry of Culture what we cali the American Revolutionary Army (ARA). This is only one unit dealing with only cultural and artistic aspects until we can establish ARA cadres within all arms of both this branch and the Mt. Clemem Chapter. Simply, ARA units or cadres are small, ughtly-disciplined groups of righteous brothers and sisters who work diligently for bettering the communityin which they live as well as defending policy and exploding myths and outright lies circulated about the White Panther Party. vol ut ion is the way to Life! Ministry of Communication,