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Representatives from about 40 Underground Press Syndicate members gathered on a farm outside Milwaukee the weekend of August 8 - 11 for the fourth annual UPS gathering of the cadre.

There were about 80 sisters and brothers digging Newsreel flicks, good dope, eating plenty of healthy food and rapping together about the problems of the underground press. One of the problems was communication; the solution was regional conferences set up all over the country, often.

There are two already set up in September, on the East and West Coasts As another step to solve the problem of communication, a UPS internal newsletter will be printed and distributed by L.A. Free Press publisher Art Kunkin (who now owns two presses and is printing five underground papers in California). Contributions from everyone will be printed.

The papers decided to set up a cooperative ad agency to insure smaller papers of more ads. A committee was established with people from the bigger underground papers and the smaller ones, to formulate advertising policy from the capitalists.

There were workshops during the 3-day session about Layout, LNS, Distribution, Racism, and the capitalist news blackout of revolutionary events.

The White Panther Party was represented by minister of Information Ken Kelley, who spoke about the party's program of self-determination on community levels. A number of papers expressed the desire to become White Panther Community Information Services (The Ann Arbor Argus is the first such paper). Together we stand, Divided we fall! determination to the Woodstock Nation!

-Terry Taube