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Just Like An Aborigine

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I've been drowning in milk and honey for

Twenty too many years

I can't spend no more times money and

I don't care to share no more tears

City's done give me an overdose

I'm gonna take off all my clothes!

I'd rather be attacked by some kangaroo

In the land they call down under

Than to piss and moan and say boo hoo

And die choking on laughter

Ain't gonna die in this revolution

I don't need no constitution

The soul's my mother

I know how I loved her

She'll kiss my bare feet and

Welcome me home

The hot sun's my father

The trees my lost brothers

Never again should

I feel all alone

I'm gonna take up the wild man's cry

I'm gonna run happy in the sky


Just like an aborigine

Just like an aborigine

Just like an aborigine

Just like an aborigine!