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m preeeeding page) Et's all part of the same thing. Sandy and Greg and Scott and Tony weren't what radicáis would cali "political. " They were hippies and s and weedheads and rock and roll fiends v.-ho loved to get high and fuck and hang out with their friends, who had a pile of Woodstock buttons on tlie tab] e by the bed and Jimi Hendrix playing on the record player and a dartboard with Lyndon Johnson's ugly face on it and a poster of John Sinclair on the wall, who worked for Open City when they could and who were planning to raarch the next day in a demonstration against the massacre at Kent State--they were stone freaks who lived at Stonehead Manor and probably never read Mao or Lenin or Kim II Sung, but the sura of their Uves was thoroughly political and their deaths are now as political as anything I know. They were murdered because they were part of a despised people, a people as despised by EuroAmerikans as black people or yellow or brown or red people are. What I'm trying to say is that we are attacked because we are what we are, because we live our beliefs and not just mouth them as part of a political philosophy, because we are part of a people that is developing as something essentially different from Euro-Amerikan people - that we are assaulted and jailed and gunned down not because of our "politics" as radicáis understand that term but because AS A PEOPLE we represent a threat to the dominant culture in this country, in the West as a whole, and the people who are part of that dominant culture feel every bit as threatened by the most "non-violent" peacelove hippie on the street ar at the pop festival as they are by the "violence-prone Weatherman faction. " That's what we have to understand, that we are all seen as a threat by the pig power structure and the people it controls, no matter what our individual differences. Just as a black nuclear scientist is still considered merely a nigger by the average Euro-Amerikan, the innocent hippie is seen as a dangerous degenerate who must be stomped off the set every bit as quickly and viciously as the protesters and bomb-throwers of the "radical left. " The pigs know we are a people, even if we refuse to see it ourselves, and they are determined to give all of us the same inhuman treatment they give to other non-western peoples. Sandy and Scott and Gr eg and Tony were murdered because they were part oí an alien people, because they shared an alien culture which to Euro-Amerikans is only deserving of extermination and oblivion. Their deaths, as their lives, link them with slaughtered black people, with slaaghtered Vietnamese people, with slaughtered American aborigines whose land was ripped off and whose culture was all but eradicated by Arville Garland's ancestors. Arville Garland -junned down his daughter and her three brothers for the same reason that the National Guarí troops in Ohio funned down Bill Schroeder and Sandy Lee Schouer and Allison Krausa and Joff Miller. because they werc nart oí a people that rejected thp Amerikan death-style, that could not support the 'ion and slaughter of black and brown and red andyellow people just so EuroAr . can buy more televisión sets and more cars and more electric toothbrushes ano shit like tha . vn to that. The distinction can be that clearly drawn. Sandy and Scott and Greg r.nd Tony were together because they loved each other; Arville and Martha Garland stormed into their room and killed them. Arvill lis daughter too much to sec cons ' : i nd sleeping with hippies and ; ur love for each other, ou: rs and sisters without dei., uids ai and promis threats - measured against the hate-love af the honkies, which says I love you if you fulfill all these insane conditions,. and if you refuse 111 . blow you away. It comes down to that. But Arville Garland is a dupe, just as the National Guard troops are dupes, just as our brothers in the U. S. Armed Forces are dupes of the pigs who run this country for their own gain. These people are every bit as much victims of Western culture as are the non-westerners this culture, this society, oppresses and murders to keep its own people "happy" with the shoddy consumer goods it gets thereby. That's something we als o have to understand. Western culture is f ormed and propagated by the pig owners as a precise means of reinf orcing their economie and political control over the masses of Euro-Amerikans, and they use that culture to instill their vile principies of greed, fear, insanity and control in the people who are within their reach. It is the perpetrators and benefactors of this culture - the pigs in control--who are our enemies, and not their dupes. What we have to overeóme if we are to avert the worst, if we are to have our f reedom without an all-out civil war between the people of Amerika and the non-westerners who they see as their enemies, is the vicious propaganda put out about us by the pigs. We have to remember that the Arville and Martha Garlands of Amerika are not our enemies unless they insist on being that, that they attack us only because they have been made so crazed by the pigs who control their consciousness by manipulating their economie possibilities and the inf ormation on which they base their beliefs. We have to make these people see, somehow, that the world we are determined to bring int being is THEIR world too, if they will only accept it--and accepting it doesn't mean giving up their own culture except insofar as that culture poisons them against people who are different f rom them. They don 't know this, they 're af raid of us. they don't understand us and they think-they've been told again and again by the pigs-they think we're trying to take everything they've worked and slaved f or all these years away from them. We have to understand how f ar they've been twisted by the pigs in power, and we have to try to untwist them somehow so they can gain their own humanity at last. They are not the enemy, we have to remember that, but they are the enemy's pawns and they will carry out the enemy's bidding unless and until we can teach them differently. We have to protect ourselves, wo will protect ourselves, and a great number of Amerikans will have to die bef ore the p nple of tho youth colony and all oppressed pe 1 win their f reedom. The point is to make it be as few of them as possible who die, or as I wrote in a poara some years ago, "how to get out& dance, without stepping on any more headsthan we havo to. '' The slaughter at Stonehead Manor is finally and perfectly a metaphor for the larger struggle goinc; on throughout the western world, as the ehildren of the last generation of Westerners develop a whole new way of life for themselves, a way of life that prepares them to live in the New World, in the New Age which begins with the final collapse of the West. It is a grim struggle already and will get even grimmer as its internal dynamic deveiops - parents will be moved to murder their own ehildren, and their ehildren will rise up tist the parents and strike them down if i. That isn't what we want to do - our culture is based on openness and free expression :md love and sharing, not on repression and :ar and greed and control, and . want tke it available to everyone without exception- but that's what we'll do if we have to, because we will defend our people against aggression and we will destroy the domination of the West, and we'll do it by any means necessary even if it means all-out war. We'll do it because we have no choice, but we'll do it. We have to build up our sense of peoplehood, our sense of nationhood, our sense of being something bigger than just ourselves and our close friends- we have to realize that wereally arL a people, that we must defend ourselves as a people, that we must move together as a people in all ways if we are going to have the world all of us, f rom the most militant radicáis to the most spaced out hippies, talk about all the time. It's not going to come about by magie, it's not going to happen the way we wish it would happen, it's going to happen the way it's happening now, through struggle and bloodshed and war--not because we want it that way, but because that's what's being forced on us, and we either submit to the perverted demands of the Arville Garlands and Spiro Agnews and Henry Fords, we either submit to f ascism and give up our culture and our dreams of new life for the planet, or else we defend ourselves and our people against it. We unite with each other and with our natur al allies, our natural br other s and sisters in the black colony, in the other oppressed colonies within the mother country and through out the world, and fight to preserve ourselves and our culture, to win self-determination for ourselves and for all people (including the EuroAmerikan masses). We unite in every way possible and do everything we have to do to eliminate the imperialist beast that is oppressing all of us. Otherwise we can join these tyred brothers and sisters of Woodstock Nation in the paradise of the death culture, which is to say, the graveyard. That's what it comes down to, like it or not, and we'd better wake up and get ourselves together bef ore we wake up like Scott and Sandy did, with a gun at our heads. 1 referred to these dead brothers and sisters as martyrs. But bef ore I stop I'd better clarify that a little: if their deaths can inspire us and move us to recognize our common bond, our peoplehood - our nationhood, our identity as the people of a whole new culture, as the people of Woodstock Nation - if their deaths can inspire us in our struggle f or freedom and self-determination as a people, then they are truly our martyrs. Otherwise they're just dead, and the thing they lived f or and as a vital part of is too, dead and buried like they are now. The last thing Pil sav is this poem by Scott Kabran, which is part of a book of his poems printed after his death by his father Stanley in cooperation with The Alternative Press. The book is calied "MotionlessLest It Fall. " The poem is about our people: toe many a friend i've ;iad and lost but now i think, now i know amongst these beautiful people is a bond of friendship a feeling of love a lasting hope an eternal bondage af love. John Sinclair Chairman, W1 Panther Jacks on Prison, November 4-5, 1970 We imite in every way possible and do everything we have to do to elimínate the imperialist beast that is oppressing all of us.