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There are a lot of issues involved in this trial, very important issues which relate not only to the White Panther Party but to all revolutionar organizations involved in the liberation struggles against the octopus of Amerikan imperialism. In the past two days. during our most recent pre-trial hearings, we learned of some new developments in the govemment's strategy which only confirmed once and for all our original analysis - that the U. S. Just-us Dept. is using this trial as an attempt to smash the White Panther Party before we can reach our full maturity as a revolutionary organization. Dig this: Attorney General John N. "Porky" Mitchell submitted an affidavit in our case to explain why the wiretap transcripts of some of the Minister of Defense's conversations couldn't be revealed to the defense or the people. In this document Porky Pig stated that: "The defendant Plamondon has participated in conversations which were overheard by government agents who were monitoring wiretaps which were being employed to gather intelligence information deemed necessary to protect the nation from attempts of domestic organizations to attack and subvert the existing st ructure of the government." Wow! What does this gobbledegookmean? It's hard to understand these pigs when they start oinking in their foul tongue--the language of total bureaucracv and death--but what Porky is trying to say is that tho White Panther Party is a "threat to lational security'' which the "existing structure of the governmenf' is deathly af raid of ! This is really f ar out, but il. just reinf orces something we started to learn in Chir go in 1968 and which lias been drivpr. home over and over igain ever i ico the Nixon-led reictionaries took over later that year-THE P ;R STRUCTURE TAI F R MORE SER1OUSLY FKA W TAKE OURSELVES! Or I shouid say, han we have IN THE PA3"1 taken ourselves, because we irt - tarting to earn what this whole atruggle is all about, and how :ig a part the rebellion in the youth :olony playt in the overall world revolutionary drama. When we started the White Panther Party in the f all of 1968, just afíhe Chicago stomp scène, we had jïlmost n nolitical consciousness at dmost like a joke to us. rgy deped-out Yippie-istic e but 3 v fie the less. We didn't even know what a party WAS, but it sure sounded good and we had to do SOMETHING in response to the increasing policestate repression that was coming down on us specifically and on all our brothers ind sisters in the developing youth :olony. We were truly inspired by the work of Huey P. Newton and the incredible high-energy writing of Eldridge Cleaver, and we knew our people needed a strong image to identify with as the struggle against our life culture intensif ied. So we changed our name f rom Love Energies, which evolved out of the acid innocence of the beautiful first blooming of our culture as a mass phenomenon, to the White Panther Party, which we meant to put our "cultural revolution" into a context of resistance against politically-motivated repression. During the early days and months of our Party's existence. when Pun, Skip, Jack and myself were still on the street working with the powerful sisters and brothers of the Party and the masses cf the people of the youth colony, we failed to develop any real political consciousness, any know.edge of revolutionary history and revolutionary theory, because we were still fucked up behind our years of conditioning in the pig schools and we were too busy working with the people to git down and STUDY. We tnew that the shit was coming down on all of us harder every day, but we really didn't understand WHY it was happening like that--we kinda thought it was just arbitrary, just a mistake, youknow? And we tried to deal with it as best we could, which wasn't well enough because we couldn't stop the octopus f rom ripping me off, and then ripping Pun off , and Skip and Jack, and party workers all over the country. We still thought we were just a bunch of maniac rock and roll dope fiends who just wanted to have a good time and wanted ALL the people to be able to have a good time. W still couldn't really understand vf'j se piga wouldn't let us alone, why they wouldnM stop fucking with young people, black people, oppressed people ali over the world. It was just too weJrd to believe. It was only when I ?ot locked up in the penitentiarv ana started to study thac J bcgan to understand what was happening and WHY it was happening. I began to realize just how much of a threat our culture posed to the international octopus of Amerikan imperialisrn. how we threatened its very existence, how our life culture, properly organized and developed along its highest and purest lines, could bring total death to the death culture and toíai íreedom to the people of the world. THE GOVERNMENT KNEW IT ALL ALONG, and it wa lined to 'rush us before we found oui how strong we really were. Woodstock brought it all home to us though. and the Mobilization in Washington on Moratorium Day, and the ice-cold premeditated murder of Mark Clark and Fred Hampton in Chicago, and the massacre of our brothers and sisters at Kent State, and then when Pun was put on the 10 Most Wanted List of the FBI the whole deal was clear to me--we ARE a threat to the "existing structure of the government, " only we ourselves weren 't aware of it ! They HAD to stomp us out before we could get ourselves together, or we would become so powerful - not just the White Panther Party, but ALL of us - that the octopus couldn't stop us f rom joining with liberation fighters all over the world and cutting off its slimy tentacles one by one. It's too late for that now. We know what we 're doing, and we cannot be stopped. The spirit of the people is far stronger than the pig's technology, and we will resist and resist until the octopus fantasy of the U. S. ruling clique is totally smashed and the world is brought joyously back to reality. Locking us up only makes us stronger and gives us the much-needed opportunity to study and gr ow stronger. Even our deaths, as brother Che told us on the way out, will only raise the people's consciousness and bring the end of the death culture nearer. This trial is a powerful weapon in the hands of the people - already it is enabling us to exposé the vicious CIA conspiracy to the people and to tieighten the people's consciousness of the seriousness of the struggle. We will fight the octopus monster on all fronts, and we will surely defeat it ! WE WILL NOT SUBMIT TO FASCISM. NOW OR ANYTIME, IN ANY FORM, AND WE WILL WIN OUR FREEDOM--THE FREEDOM OF ALL THE PEOPLE ON THE PLANET I ALL POWER TO THE PEO: LE ! STOP THE CIA CONSPIRACY! REVOLUTION IS THE WAY TO LH VFNCEP.EMOSÜ! Wayne County Jail January, 197) f the 1 ou STATEMENT #2 There are a nuirber of secondary issues involved in this trial which we have not dealt with sufficiently since we have heretofore concentrated on the primary issue, which we have def ined as the government's strategy of smearing the WPP and characterizing us as irresponsible terrorists and anarchists. But it is important to investígate these secondary contradictions in order to understand exactly vnat is going on. Once more, the primarv contradlction is the contradiction between the government's characterization of the White Panther Party as an iilegal secret conspiraey which plans and carries out bombings, and the reality of the WPP, which is that we are a disciplined political party engaged in legal political work to serve the people of the youth'colony. The government contends that Pun Plamondon, Jack Forrest and myself conspired with David Valler to blow up the Ann Arbor CIA office; 'the WPP insists that no such conspiracy existed nor, due to the reactionary, anarchist motivation of Valler, could it possibly have existed. We have spoken to this point at some length, but we haven't yet explored the substantial secondary contradictions involved in this case. Let me try to explain these secondary issues now: (1) David Valler has confessed to his responsibility not onlv for the CIA bombing but for a whole series of what he calis "anti-establishment" bombings; he has admitted his guilt not only in the courtroom but in the pages of the fascist organ The Detroit News. Yet David Valler was given a 5 year sentence in Recorder's Court (the original charge carried a 25-year maximum prison term), which runs concurrently with his previous 7-10 year sentence for narcotics violar tions. And he has not even been CHARGED in the Federal (CIA) Conspiracy Trial. (2) Jack Forrest was originally charged as Valler 's partner in the State Conspiracy-to-bomb case; Valler and the rest of his cohorts pled guilty, but Jack maintained his innocence and had the state charges against him DROPPED completely late last year. Yet it is Jack Forrest and not David Valler who is on trial in the CIA Conspiracy Trial. (3) I am presently serving a 9 12 - 10 year sentence for possession of two marijuana cigarettes. Not only is David Valler, who was originally charged with selling lar ge quantities of marijuana and LSD, serving a less severe sentence for the same "crime", but the maximum sentence I can receive IF CONVICTED of the CIA Conspiracy is only 5 years, or half of what I got for possessing two joints! The conclusión which must be drawn f rom this contradiction is that it's twice as dangerous to the public "health, safety and welfare" to possess two joints as it is to conspire to blow up a CIA recruiting office! Right on! (4) Thirteen people were originally charged in the State Conspiracyto-bomb charge, which included in the indictment and inf ormation the CIA bombing. David Valler was both named by the judg mitted that he wa.s 7t.ade: of this conspiracy. Qf tht ple 12 either pied guilty to reduced charges (with Valler, with his 2-5 sentence, receivintr the only penitentiary time) or snitched on each other; the 13th was Jack Porrest. who maintained his innocence and f inaij-Y had the charges againsr him droppeá. NETTHER PUN PLAMONDON NOR MYSEI NAMED AS PART OF THIS ORIÜi NAL CONSPIRACY, which INCLUDED the CIA bombing; yet we are named as the PRINCIPALS in the Federal case, along with Jack Forrest. (5) In the "wave of establishment bombings" admittedly planned and executed by David Valler and his cohorts and to which they have already pled guilty, the CIA bombing fa!l in the middle - there were at least two bombings AFTER the 'sion, both of which wtire (continued on pa "WE WILL RESIST. . . UNTIL THE WORLD IS BROUGHT JOYOUSLY BACK TO REALITY. " .ijjijjjijUgüiUi jii I ! ';a-;i:':;;i;-:;;;j;:;;:?,';:;;j;;:j:!:;:;:;;;:::;;;;j:;; ;;!!;!!!; hllSlmil'.SS tlilSSsHSSli JOHN (continued from page 14) m ittedly carried out by Valler et al. Yet this ONE CASE has been singled out and assigned to Pun, Jack, and myself. (6) Finally, the most serious secondary contradiction is that the government denies that this is a political prosecution against the WPP; yet the people WHO ACTUALLY PLANNED AND CARRIED OUT A WHOLE SERIES OF BOMBINGS were let off with probation, misdemeanor sentences, or prison sentences (Valler) which is in effect no sentence at all. Theywere let off like this because they had no political consciousness, no political affiliations with revolutionary organizations. and no commitment to revolutionary change through serving the people and making the revolution. All of them "repented" their involvement in Valler 's conspiracy and grovelled before the pigs in fear and trembling Only Pun, Jack and myself have been charged. without objective basis, because we have been active in the White Panther Party, serving in positions of leadership and dedicating ourselves to the cause of the people. Thus we represent a threat tü the U. S. government which has nothing to do with anarchistic actions üke blowing up individual pólice cars and other symbolic targets. We represent a threat to the government because we are committed to the abolition of capitalism and its institutions and we manifest our commitment in protracted daily community work among the people of the youth colony. A few individual bombings, no matter the targets, do not represent a problem for the U. S. government; what DOES threaten its security is revolutionary organization. education, and people's service work. Tactical bombings have meaning only when they are accompanied by intensive political education of the masses, not when they are done by crazed individualists who, like David Valler, do it because they think it's "hip" or because it will gain them personal notoriety and fame. It is important that we clarify one more point in regard to the charges brought against Pun, Jack, and myself. This concerns the party's position on bombings and other acts of armed propaganda carried out against imperialist installations within the mother country. As suggested above, such acts of revolutionary violence are effective only when they are carried out within a f ramework of mass political education, so that the broad masses of the people can understand the purpose of these acts and how they advance the cause of the people. Por if the masses are not educated as to the political significance of such acts by revolutionary freedom fighters they will succumb to the government's reactionary propaganda and see the actions as being AGAINST their best interests, and the revolutionaries as their enemies. In Ihe past two or three years as the struggle has intensif ied and the issues have become more clearly de[ined for the participants, there has been a serious lack of effective educational work among the masses as far as the bombings are concerned, and thus the broad masses have come to feel that counter-revolutionary buffoons like David Valler are typical of the armed propagandists. This false image has been promoted by the government as part of its overall strategy to discredit the revolutionr ary movement in Babyion and turn the masses against the revolution. This is the situation we must correct if we are to make the revolution, because we must win the support of the masses and teach them that we are their true friends while the government and the imperialist system it fronts for is their real enemy. In this respect we have failed so far, and it is time now to correct our mistakes and go forth to edúcate the people. Revolution is the way to life! All Power to the People ! Life to the Life Culture ! Death to the Death Culture! Stop the CIA Conspiracy ! ! VENCEREMOS! !! Wayne County Jail January, 1971