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Who's Making You Sneeze?

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Got the sniffles? Do you feel tired, run down; are your sinuses all clogged up? The drug industry says you need Dristan, or Contac, or one of the literally hundreds of cold remedies available in the United States. But in his new book, Vitamin C and the Common Cold, Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling says that vitamin C taken in sufficient quantities is all that is needed to cure the common cold.

A daily dosage of 2,000 mg of Vitamin C (available at any drugstore without a prescription, or in more natural form at health food stores) will prevent most cold and flu. If you should come down with one or the other, start taking 1,000 mg an hour until your symptoms disappear -- this usually takes a few hours. Then take 3,000 mg a day for the next few days to finish things off.

According to Dr. Pauling, the drug industry has covered up this knowledge for more than 40 years in order to protect the $50 million a year it makes off the junk it distributes, which only relieve cold symptoms and have no curative powers.