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Father Ordered To Aid "hippie" Daughter

Father Ordered To Aid "hippie" Daughter image
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NEW YORK -- Do your parents refuse to help you out with bread, even though they have it ? A recent decision by a judge here has set a precedent that could land your parents in the clink for 30 days if they fail to provide "adequate financial support."

Last April a 20 year-old college student at the University of Louisville (who was not identified publicly by name) moved out of her dormitory and into a private apartment, contrary to her father's instructions. Upon finding out about this, the father cut off all her support. The daughter sold her car to see her through the semester, and brought suit against her father.

Finally Court Judge Millard L. Midonick ruled hat the father had to resume payments or face 30 days in jail for contempt of court. He noted that the daughter was having emotional difficulties at school, because she was "afraid, indeed terrified, to return to live in her father's home because of his rigid standards." The daughter testified as to the harassment she received at home, which  included being called a "hippie" who "stinks."

The judge also noted that the daughter was "using her best efforts" to complete school. In ruling that she could remain living off campus despite her father's demand that she return to the dormitory, the judge noted that while the daughter had admitted using psychedelic drugs, the only place she had used them or had seen them used was in the dormitory her father insisted she return to.

"At some point minors must have some right of their own views and needs for their independent and painful transition from minority to adulthood, short of matching every fancy of their. parents, " said the judge.

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