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Recording studios are generally built by businessmen for the simple purpose of profit. Morgan Sound Theater was developed by musicians interested in achieving musical results in a creative atmosphere at an honest price.

A musician's life can be quite strenuous, especially the business end of it. With so few job opportunities available, it is important for any group or single musician to record early in their career, which in most cases can be both difficult and expensive.

Morgan Sound Theater reverses the usual recording process by creating a situation which offers the best facilities at the most inexpensive price. We can't help you play better, but we can help you to better relate to every other aspect of the recording experience.

Our past experience has taught us that groups must take hold of their own destinies. We sincerely hope that Morgan Sound Theater will give everyone within our area some the of self-determination we all must have and rightfully deserve.


Large 60' x 40' x 20' studio

Up to 20 mike inputs with comprehensive equalization (both low frequency, high frequency, and selective mid-range) on all inputs

3 Universal Audio limiters peak volume control

echo chamber

graphic equalizer

noise reduction units

cut off filters for special effects

2 independent cue systems for overdubbing

STUDIO MONITOR SYSTEM consisting of Altec 604E speakers and Macintosh 2100 amplifier MICROPHONES – complete array of microphones from Dynamics to Ribbon to extensive high quality condenser, including Neuman, Sony, Electro-Voice, RCA, and Shure

STEREO RE-MIX – completes stereo re-mix facilities including two 2-track machines and stereo pan pots on all inputs for panning both signal and echo

Complete remote location facilities available. Head engineer – Brian Dombrowski

3691 E. MORGAN RD, Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197

(located just outside Ann Arbor in the country minutes from I-23 and I-94 expressways)

To visit the studio or book time, contact Peter Andrews, (313) 434-2173 or 434-2141

RATE: $48 per hour