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Free People's Clinic, Inc. , the non-profit Corporation that runs the free medical clinic, held its first annual meeting and election of a new board of directors on April 18. This board elected by the membership of the clinic present at that meeting is legally respousible for the operation of the clinic for the next six months. Newly elected board members are Bill Tanner (recruiting and publicity), Sandy Forsythe (resources and referral), Sherrie Kahn (sex education and problem pregnancy), and clinic doctors Steeve Cobb and Bob Wicks. Returned to the Board were Nancy Lessin and Matt Lampe (general administration). It is hoped by the clinic personnel that many more patiënte will excercise their option to become members of the clinic and vote in the next election. (Anyone who is a registered patiënt for 6 weeks can become a voting member of the clinic just by asking. )