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The subtle repression of Mark's Ccffeehouse by Ann Arbor "cfficials" continĂșes. Latest news is that the building and safety department has ordered installed by October lst a $900 heating unit within the venting system. Mark's is still having trouble paylng for the $2, 000 hoed and venting system the health department said they needed by April 30th in order to get their license renewed Rules are rules, depending of course on who you are. Genie at Mark's knows of at least one restaurant that doesn't have the necessary hood over their grill, but their license is always renewed. K it seems that the people behind the counter are always asking f or donations, it's only because they're trying to stay open and get through all these hassles. They held a benefit last week with Commander Cody, Danny Erlewine and others which raised $225. The staff went a week without salary which saved $750. Mark's is employee owned, a great place to eat good food and hang ofit, and needs bread.