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K's sad that our emerglng Life-culture gets caught in the same old games af the Establishment; Drugs, which are supposed to be the symbols of the Life-culture alternative (especially the psychedelics), are now one of the biggest rip-offs in the community. People, some unknowingly, are selling their sisters and brothers, dangerous combinations of cheap crap, packaged in pills or capsules or sometimes just as a powder, as "pure" drugs that they have heard about. Let's look at two examples: 1) THC- IT DOESN'T EXSIST ON THE STREET! ! PERIOD! I Besides being an extraordinarily hard synthesis, the real THC, is extremely unstable. At a temperature of greater than -19 degrees and without being kept in a vacuüm or under nitrogen, it rapidly decomposes. Almost all the THC is Phencyclidine, (PCP), an "aid to animal anethesia", (read animal tranquilizers). It gives people a very stoned, can't move, numb feeling. If mixed with other downs, (like alcohol), it can be very easily, deadly. NPeople go unconscious, sometimes start throwing up badly, and then stop breathing. Last week two members of our community ended up in respirators in the hospital to keep them alive because of this crap. ff a friend gets these symtoms, starts going unconscious after taking something like this (not necessarilysold only as THC), get themto the U of M emergency room They don't cali the cops on drug problems anymore. If in doubt cali Drug Help ( HELP ). 2) MESCALINE- In a large test of street drugs in Ann Arbor since last summer, with the best equipment, it was found that NONE of the mescaline had ANY Mescaline in them. Just combinations of speed, acid, and alot of Phencyclidine(PCP). It takes alot of Mescaline to get off, about 500mgfor the average person. This is 12 gram. of pure mescaline (of a purity that never gets out af the research labs). ONE HALF GRAM. That weighs more than most cf the pills sold as Mescaline, pill base dye and all. An obvious sign af a rip-off. For a capsule to holdenough pure Mese to get someone off it has to be at least a size 0 capsule, preferably a size doublé 0. These are like horse capsules, ff it isn't this big, it isn't worth it even if it is real. But because alot of dealers are now going to learn that to try to sell their crap as Mese, that they have to make it in bigger caps, just because it is in a big cap doesn't mean it is what it. is being sold as. The test results of the past months say that if it is sold aa Mescaline, it is almost inconceivable that it has even the tiniest bit of Mescaline in it. DRUG HELP Drug Help, is a "serve the people" organization, to help sisters and brothers that run into problems with the dope that they do, from getting strung out on speed to just bumming out on some acid. Drug Help has a 24 hour phone service ( 7 HELP ) manned by experienced trained people. At all times there is at least one pair of experienced people cali to go out to someone who is freaking out. Drug Help is located in the Ozone House, 302 E. Liberty, and help can be gotten there at any time. Drug Help is a separate organization from Ozone House. We can answer drug infürmation questions ('cept where can I get ?) at any time. We have our own trusted doctors as Medical back-up and will use the University Hospital Emergency Room for those cases which demand lif supporting equipment (oxygen, etc. ) Drug Help has been officially recognized by the committee that runs the Emergency Room and this eliminates the hassles. Also the people at the hospital cannot cali the pólice, either, as they realize that by getting a sister or br other busted they would keep other people away, some of whom might die without help. Drug Help people are trained and experienced members of the Community. They are not all doctors or med. students, although a few are. Some are students but not all. And we have meetings for new people that want to work. If interested, and are willing to work for the community cali and ask when the next new people's meeting is We very rarely give downs, so don't expect that. Experiênce with thousands of bad trips both and at the six rock festivals that Drug Help people worked at last summer has shown that good people do the job better and safer than downs, especially with a lot of safer impurities that are in street drugs. More on this in future O -SCOPE