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"back To The Seeds And Stems Again Blues"

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We're sure that everyone is aware af the extreme shortage of marijuana in the area. Well, sisters and brothers, "you ain't seen nothing yet, " cause U's going to get a lot tighter, and it's the same all over ! Mexico's Rainy Season started about 3 weeks ago, and the marijuan: harvest has come to a standstill. Without the constant flow from the sacrament smugglers down Mexico way, the whole Nation has suffered a very sharp decrease in smokin dope. Good Mexican lbs - $140-150. Some Jamaican lbs - $200225 gold. A few ounces of Columbian Gold - $15-20 Ounces of Mexican - $1 5-20. There's probably all different kinds around, cause people are breaking out their stashes for the famine Just a few of the black slab lbs. left for $800 to $850. Some ozs. of blond Lebanese for $75-80, red Lebanese for the same. Psychedelics- Good mescaline sulfa-singles $1.00-1 50 There's L?nlesïore$lI1oD-r5Snd' 10 are goingfor $50-65, THL n K7S, SP"cs?Ure WMte LSD tabB' 2ÏÏZ good. Quantities for $70-75 per 100. Singles for $1. 00-2. OO.Blast off!