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ALICE COOPER April -St. Louis Arena May 1--Struthers Field House May 7--Winnepeg, Canada AMBOY DUKES April -St. Louis Arena May 1--Palladium May 2--Sherwood Forest, Davison Mich. May 4 - St. Louis May 6--Town Hall, New York May 7- Roanoke, Va. May -Atlanta, Ga. ASSEMBLAGE April 30--Detroit Country Club May 1--Botique 71 May 7 - Monroe Armory BLUE SCEPTRE(SRC) May 1--Fenton High School May -Michigan State Fairgrounds May 8--Stout College, Menomenee, Wis. BOONE'S FARM May 1- Flint May 3, 4--Dirftwood Lounge BRAT May 5--Palladium _ May 7--Union Ballroom, A BROWNSVILLE STATION April -St. Louis Arena May 1--Struthers Field House May 3--Plattville, Wis. May 7--Winnepeg, Canada May 8--Crookston, Mtnn. CATFISH April 30--Richmond, Va. May -Washington, D. C May 7--Syracuse, N. Y. May 8- Potsdam U. . Potsdam, ni. CECIL May 1- Bloomfield Hills COLLECTION April 30--Pontiac May 1, 2- Cupid Den, Madison Heights May 7- St. Nicks High School May 8- Utica FRUID PINK April 30, May 1, 7, 8- Florida FROST May 1 - Grand Haven F RUT April 30--Monroe Armory May 2- St. Clair, Mich. GUARDIAN ANGEL 2 May 7--Union Ballroom, A HOLLOW GROUND May 1 - Ponchatrain JULIA April 30--Detroit Country Club May 1 - Alma College May 7--West Hope College May 8- Platters MAXX April 30- St. AgathaHigh School May 1 - Okemos High School May 5 - Grande May 6- Allen Park K of C May 8--Corruna High School MITCH RYDER & DETROIT WHEELS April May 1- Carbondale, UI. May 2 - Bloomington, ül. May 4--niinois May 7 - Montreal MC5 May 1--Ohio State, Columbus, Ohio _J__É_-t_ -!__■_ _-_■_- .-- -J- -■■-■■■■■■ -■■-■--■-■■-■-■■■■■ fc ■ ■ A__JJiJ.i May 7--Roanoke, Va. ORMANDY April 30--Muskegon J May 1--Note May 6- Flint J May 7- Brother Rice High School May 8- Alma College J PLAIN BROWN WRAPPER April 30--Ferris College May 1 - Indiana May 7, 8- Flint RUMOR April 30--Inkster # May 1--Roostertail ; May 7 - Riverview May 8- Saline SIEGAL SCHWALL 5 May 7 - Eastown May -Eastown ï SILVER HAWK RONDEAU PAVILLION May 1--Palladium May 7 - Monroe Armory t May 8 - New Theater, New Baltimore SPRINGWELL April 30, Mayl, 1 , 8- Florida STOOGES April 30--Madison, Wis. # May Grand Rapids '[ May 5- Pittsburg Pa. # SUNDAY FUNNIES $ April 30--Muskegon May 1 - Kingswell Ontario J May 8--Whitmore Lake High School SWALLOW My 7&8--Eastown # TEA " May 1--Livonia Ice Rink L May 7--Albion College May 8--Carleton Mich. J May 9--Sherwood Forest # TEEGARDEN & VANWINKLE $ May 2 - Sound Lounge # THIRD POWER May 1--Michigan State Fairgrounds J May 2--St. Clair, Mich. May 7--U. oí Detroit H. S. $ TOBYREDD May -New Theatre, New Baltimore UNTVERSE April 30--Windsor J May 1--Mercy College May 7--Tillbury Ontario May -Flat Rock UP $ April Kenton, Ohio May 1 - Iowa City, Iowa May 3--U of Nebraska, Lincoln, Neb. May 7--Union Ballroom, A2 May 8--New Baltimore, Mich. VIRGIN DAWN April 30--Michigan State Fairgrounds May 2- St. Clair, Mich. night-Sherwood Forest May 5--Grande May 7--Hillsdale College, Hillsdale Mich. $ WERKS April 30, May 2, 5- Roostertail $ May 1- Flint May 7- Cousino High School # WHIZ KIDS % April 30- St. Agatha High School May Traverse City