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Canterbury House has always been a great place for community get togethers and good down home rock and roll from bands such as Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen, Buddy Guy, Billy C. and the Sunshine, the Prime Movers, Carnal Kitchen, the Brat, Up, the Charging Rhinoceros of Soul, Bob Sheff 's real great band, and Neil Young.

But financial pressures are forcing it out of business. Contrary to a report in last week's SUN, they aren't being pushed out by a greedy landlord. Reverend Dan Burke of Canterbury House reports that the landlord would have been willing to forego a proposed rent increase, if Canterbury could guarantee regular payments on the regular rate„ But they couldn't. The Blues Festival losses and the constant deficit the operation on Maynard goes under make it impossible.

Before they do leave us, there'll be one last round of Ann Arbor music, The Commander will do a weekend gig, May 14 and 15th. See you there.